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Niloya (seasons 1-3)

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Niloya (seasons 1-3)
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Who put this cartoon that barely looks like one on Yumurcak TV and TRT Çocuk?
Really? This is so not joyful!
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 15 Minutes (3 5-minutes segments)
Country: Turkey
Release Date: January 11 - October 1, 2014 (Season 1)
April 10, 2015 - July 6, 2016 (Season 2)
November 10, 2016 - March 12, 2017 (Season 3)
Network(s): Yumurcak TV
TRT Çocuk
Created by: Sentries Lisans
Distributed by: Bee and Bird Animation Studios
B-Water Animation Studios
Starring: Berrak Nehir Kok
Tarık Bayrak
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 26 (Seasons 1 & 2)
52 (Season 3)

Niloya is a Turkish CGI animated show made by Sentries Lisans premiered in Yumurcak TV and TRT Çocuk on January 11, 2014.


Niloya tells the story about the main titular character going on adventures with her friends named Murat and Mete playing lots of fun games and singing songs.

Bad Qualities

  1. The CGI animation can be blocky, primitive and jerky, even for 2014 standards.
    • The character movements can be very stiff, due to the blocky, primitive and jerky CGI animation.
  2. Some characters can be painful to listen to, due to the recording equipment being poor quality.
  3. In one episode, Mete becomes emotional and starts crying because he lost his toy truck, which can be understandable, but it can't be due to the voice acting being abysmal.
  4. Most songs can be out of tune at most parts.
  5. The worst dub about the show is just the original Turkish version, that makes the original Turkish version of Pepee sound amazing in comparison.
  6. The show suffers from tons of animation errors, such as the characters' eating, walking, running, the backgrounds, etc.
  7. The show stole some elements from other preschool shows, such as Pingu, Little Bear, Arthur, Franklin, Rolie Polie Olie, Little Bill, Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan, and many others.
  8. The show was originally going to have one season and thirteen episodes, but it has a lot of seasons and a lot of episodes.
  9. Much like Barney & Friends (Modern HiT era, Seasons 9-14) and Dora the Explorer (seasons 5-8), the morals and lessons are not even that useful.
  10. It even has no dialog or music to use for the backgrounds. Like really? That's just stealing ideas without giving credit to the actors.
  11. Not only the characters can be annoying. They can also be very unlikable, examples like:
    • Niloya is very unlikable and is a bad role model to kids as she breaks the fourth wall, especially if she's a punching bag.
    • Mete is just the younger tag-along brother.
    • Murat, who has poor grammar, actions to help Niloya and her little brother Mete.
    • Dede (Niloya's grandfather), is mostly helpful with Niloya
  12. Just like Pepee, their original Turkish versions don't fit right.
  13. Much like The Nutshack opening theme, the word "Niloya" is repeated a lot of times.

Good Qualities

  1. Some songs can give you earworms.
  2. The English dub is much better but has flaws due to the mouths still syncing in Turkish.
  3. Some characters are very likable like Niloya's mother.
  4. The show sometimes teaches kids a lot of good stuff like sharing, loving, caring about their pet animals, and etc.
  5. The CGI animation can be a lot more fluid and smoother since Season 4.
  6. The character movements in the show can also be a lot more fluid and smoother as well.


Niloya received a 6.3/10 on IMDb and it received a 61% on Google users.


  • The Tospik song is popular only in some countries.
  • The show became popular in some countries having toys, DVDs, plushies, and more.

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