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Nickcoms (2011-present)

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Nickcoms are Nickelodeon's situational comedy shows, also known as sitcoms. The name was given by combining "Nickelodeon" and "Sitcoms". While most of the classic Nickcoms (1989-2010) were well received, the same can't be said for most of the modern ones (2011-present), starting with Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures.

Why Most of Them Suck Now

  1. Similar to most of Disney Channel's sitcoms from 2009-2012, most of the time, the laugh track is extremely overused, making it unfunny. Henry Danger, Side Hustle, and The Thundermans are perhaps the worst offenders, because, in those shows, it's used after almost every line.
  2. Terrible writing that consists of the following:
    • Poorly executed parodies
    • Unfunny puns and/or jokes that drag on far too long
    • Gross-out humor
    • Obnoxiously annoying humor
    • Insulting the intelligence of their audience and treating them like a bunch of idiots
    • Pure filler padded in whenever needed
    • Mean-spirited moments
    • Childish/nonsensical plots
    • Overused humor that consists of characters taking someone else's stuff, denying it, and not answering someone's question
  3. Bad and laughable acting.
  4. Danger Force and Sam & Cat are good examples of unnecessary spin-offs.
  5. Most of these shows, such as Henry Danger, Side Hustle, Sam & Cat, and The Thundermans teach a ton of bad morals such as cheating, lying, bullying, etc.
  6. The characters in these sitcoms are either unlikable, one-dimensional, obnoxious, annoying, stereotypical, or cliched.
    • The protagonist is the character who has a best friend (or pair of best friends) and multiple girls/boyfriends.
    • The dumbass character is self-explanatory and is well-known for the Nickcom stereotypes.
    • The smartass character is also self-explanatory and is the opposite of the dumbass.
    • The badass character is only female and is only used to promote girl power.
    • The forgotten character is the character that’ll appear for only a few episodes, and then will disappear after that, and he or she will not be even mentioned by the other characters. Gooch from Henry Danger is the biggest offender.
    • The grumpy character is just there to hate the main characters.
    • In Cousins For Life, there is a stereotypical overprotective father called Lewis.
    • In Young Dylan, all of Dylan's family are cliched and stereotypical because it's that show that needs these cliches to happen.
    • In The Thundermans, there is a stereotypical and mean-spirited Asian woman in a kids' show.
    • Fred: The Show is the absolute worst offender, as it has Fred Figglehorn, who is the most unlikeable protagonist ever known to exist in a sitcom, due to his extreme immaturity and excruciatingly annoying and non-stop high-pitched screaming.
    • The characters usually don't learn from their mistakes. As a result of this, they are considered to be bad role models for children to emulate.
  7. Most concepts are sometimes based on older reality content but with insignificant changes, making these shows often feel like rip-offs to others or they are proven to be unbelievably predictable.
  8. Shows like Fred: The Show, Sam & Cat, Game Shakers, and I Am Frankie (despite the latter being good) either have gotten bad finales or have ended on cliffhangers, which are not good examples to end a show.
  9. These sitcoms try too hard to be hip, modern, cool, and edgy with children.
    • Putting celebrities in cameo roles doesn't help considering they're added in to have their talents wasted (like in Game Shakers and Cousins For Life).
    • Adding in dead memes (like in The Thundermans and Danger Force) are often just there so they just can get a cheap laugh out of their audience.
    • Lastly, the amount of social media references was a big mistake. The results are what make the show end up looking very dated or bland, cringy, or they are just added there for cheap laughs.
  10. The special effects in some shows (The Haunted Hathaways, Henry Danger, Cousins For Life and Knight Squad) looks cheap and lackluster. Some higher-budget live-action sitcoms such as Victorious have better special effects and look very good for the most part.
  11. The sets can also look very cheap, boring, and pathetic, with Knight Squad and Side Hustle being the worst offenders as they have no imagination to the very eye.
  12. Some shows have interesting concepts that end up getting poorly executed.
  13. The advertisements for some of the sitcoms were misleading (like in Cousins For Life) or spoiled the series finale (like in Game Shakers).
  14. Almost no character development or redemption in some shows, like Henry Danger.
  15. Some of these Nickcoms have aired on Nicktoons, mainly Henry Danger and The Thundermans, which makes no sense, as Nicktoon's purpose is to show only animated content. Luckily, this is slowly dying down.
  16. Occasionally, Nickelodeon will produce a sitcom that's good or has strong potential, only for them to screw it over and cancel it before the series can reach a mainstream audience and the majority of them only reach 1 or 2 seasons. When the series is about to reach its peak or reveals a massive plot twist, Nick will often cash in on their mediocre cash-cow franchises - usually SpongeBob - regardless of whether they outstay their welcome (The Other Kingdom and I Am Frankie are two infamous examples of good sitcoms that were abruptly canceled in favor of another programming).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These shows do have some good and/or decent episodes.
  2. Some of these sitcoms have creative concepts like Bella and the Bulldogs, but are poorly executed.
  3. Some modern ones have a few funny moments and jokes that work.
  4. There are occasionally some good or decent ones (see Good/Decent Examples) despite most of them don't last that long.
  5. Some of the Nickcoms do have good acting, but this is the case of the good Nickcoms today.
  6. The theme songs are usually catchy.
  7. Some of the bad Nickcoms did improve over time like Henry Danger and Side Hustle.

Bad Examples

Good/Decent Examples


Most of these modern Nickcoms have been panned by critics, audiences, and fans of Nickelodeon. Because of this, many fans (including modern fans) moved back to the pre-2011 Nickcoms.

IMDb score
Show Score
Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures 3.6/10
Fred: The Show 1.6/10
How to Rock 5.2/10
Marvin Marvin 2.3/10
Awesomeness TV 2.5/10
Sam & Cat 5.6/10
The Haunted Hathaways 5/10
The Thundermans 5.7/10
Every Witch Way 5.2/10
Henry Danger (Seasons 1-3) 5.9/10
Max and Shred 5/10
Bella and the Bulldogs 5/10
Make It Pop 5.1/10
Talia in the Kitchen 3.4/10
Game Shakers 4.2/10
WITS Academy 5.9/10
School of Rock 4.2/10
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn (Seasons 3-4) 5.4/10
Knight Squad 5.3/10
Star Falls 5.4/10
Cousins For Life 4.4/10
Tyler Perry's Young Dylan 2.9/10
Danger Force 3.6/10
Side Hustle 5.5/10
That Girl Lay Lay 3.6/10

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