Nice to Nermal (The Garfield Show)

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Nice to Nermal (The Garfield Show)
Nice to nermal title card.png
Nermal is not NICE in this episode.
Series: The Garfield Show
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 44
Air Date: December 18, 2009
Writer: Mark Evanier
Previous episode: It's a Cheese World
Next episode: Out on a Limb

Nice to Nermal is the 32nd Episode of The Garfield Show.

Why It Ain't Nice

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, this is another Garfield torture episode.
  2. At the start of the episode, Garfield bosses Jon into cleaning the house by unplugging the vacuum so Garfield can sleep (and because of Pooky), which is a jerkish move.
  3. Jon made another idiot move by throwing away random stuff in a trash bin without noticing what was in the bucket, which means that Nermal wouldn't have the benefit to hide Pooky somewhere if it weren't for Jon.
    • Not helping is that Jon thought he placed Pooky on the table when he was too oblivious to realize what he did with Pooky, which makes it all worse.
  4. Nermal is very unlikeable just like he was in King Nermal because he tortures Garfield through the whole episode. Not to mention that he still acts overly egotistical and narcissistic towards Garfield in this episode.
    • Speaking of which, he continues pestering Garfield for no good reason, which makes you just as annoyed as Garfield is.
  5. Nermal dares to hide Pooky away from Garfield for Nermal's selfish benefits with being "really nice" to him after Garfield threw Nermal in the trash for annoying Garfield, which is just straight-up cruel and mean-spirited.
    • Nermal also forces Garfield to be nice to him, causing Garfield to get pushed to his limits.
  6. While Garfield was looking for Pooky, he dug into Odie's mouth to see what he ate. When Garfield found the corn beef sandwich Odie ate, Garfield eats it. Which is considered to be a gross-out moment that is played for wacky comedy.
  7. Bad ending: Garfield is dragged by the twins, and does Odie try to save him? Nope, he just stands there laughing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Nermal gets his comeuppance from the start of the episode to the very end, unlike in King Nermal.
  2. To be fair, it kinda makes sense that Odie wouldn't save Garfield due to how he mistreats Odie, but that doesn't really excuse him from standing there laughing at Garfield though.
  3. Jon and Garfield are the only likable characters in this episode.
  4. While the ending is bad, at least Garfield gets Pooky back.
  5. The idea of Garfield being nice to Nermal (depending on your view) is okay, but the execution here is awful.


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