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Nearlyweds (Popeye the Sailor)

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There's nothing "nearly" good about this cartoon.

Nearlyweds is a 1957 Popeye the Sailor cartoon produced by Famous Studios, it is the 226th short in the series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Popeye keeps getting abused throughout this cartoon.
  2. The plot is very lackluster since it is just Popeye trying to get ready for his wedding with Olive but Bluto keeps making things worse for him.
  3. Bluto is extremely unlikable in this cartoon since he makes things much worse for Popeye when he is preparing for his wedding.
  4. There is barely any action involved unlike in previous Popeye cartoons, Popeye doesn’t even eat his spinach to fight Bluto at the end, the only time he ate spinach was to free himself from cement that Bluto put in his tub, and the only way Popeye defeated Bluto was by making him chicken out of marrying Olive when Popeye disguises himself as a priest.
  5. The animation is even more subpar than Famous Studios' previous Popeye cartoons.
  6. The pacing can be slow at times rather than being fast paced.
  7. Olive is also unlikable in this cartoon since she doesn’t even forgive Popeye at the ending.

Good Qualities

  1. Good music by Winston Sharples.
  2. Decent voice acting by Jack Mercer, Mae Questal, and Jackson Beck.
  3. Popeye is a likable character, as usual.
  4. The ending, while mediocre, is very amazing to watch, as Popeye uses his wits to defeat Bluto and give him his comeuppance. Even if he didn't manage to get Olive Oyl back.
  5. Some funny moments such as Popeye jumping out of his clothes when happy, when Olive chooses to marry him.


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