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Naughty High School Teacher TOUCHES STUDENT in His... (Life Lessons With Luis)

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"Naughty High School Teacher Touches Student in His..."
This is totally not kid friendly.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 39
Air Date: April 26, 2021
Previous episode: "Dying Husband Leaves Millions to His Mistress"
Next episode: "Husband Gets Wife & Mistress Pregnant at the Same Time"

Naughty High School Teacher Touches Student in His... (stylised as Naughty High School Teacher TOUCHES STUDENT in His... and reuploaded as "Teacher Flirts with College Student")[citation needed] is a video uploaded by YouTuber Life Lessons with Luis.


When Billy's mother Teresa is angry at him for ditching school and failing grades, she invites a high school teacher to help him. However, it turns out hiring the teacher was not a good idea.

Why It Sucks

  1. The idea of hiring a teacher who is touching someone's body parts is harsh.
  2. Keke tells Billy to show and touch his body parts (the muscles and the leg).
    • In fact, not to mention this is sexual harassment and you can get arrested by the FBI or police in real life for this.
  3. The video is mean-spirited, as Teresa does not
  4. Teresa on the other hand, is unintelligent, unlikable, hypocritical, ignorable, spoiled, and stereotypical, as she gets mad at Billy for failing grades, smashes his Xbox One and throws it out the window, fires Luis (the owner of the video and uploader), and doesn't believe Billy again when he tells her that Keke was touching her.
    • Same goes to Keke herself who is nothing more than just a Karma Houdini.
    • Billy himself is also unlikable (only one scene) where he decides to put the drugs in Luis's bag.
  5. The scene where Billy's mother throws and smashes the Xbox One, which is extremely mean-spirited and a complete exaggeration.
  6. Bad ending: After Billy was telling Teresa about Keke who was touching his leg, Keke makes up a lie to Teresa and said to her "Teresa, Billy just offered me drugs in order to pass him for his class." This makes Teresa angry at Billy again and forces him to apologize to Keke. Keke also does not get punished for her actions and gets off scot-free, and Teresa doesn't get punished either.
  7. The writing in this episode is very weak.
  8. This video has since been re-uploaded with a new title called "Teacher Flirts with College Student" (stylised as Teacher FLIRTS with College Student!!!!) which is just an utterly lazy and cheap way to milk views.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This episode tells parents that we should be very careful of who you let around your kids and never jump to conclusions.
  2. Billy (despite being unlikable in one scene were he stuffs drugs in Luis' bag) is still likable.


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