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My Story Animated
As if this wasn't bad enough...
Profile: My Story Animated
Style: Generic Storytime channel
Date Joined: January 14, 2018
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 5.28M

My Story Animated is an animated "storytime" which claims to be telling true stories by children who submit it to them. This channel is infamous because the stories are not true at all.

Why They Suck

  1. The channel just like these two channels is known to post stories that have absolutely no proof that the stories are true.
  2. The animation in these videos is low budget and horrible.
    • The lip-syncing of the characters almost never matches the dialogues.
    • There are so many unnecessary movements such as the characters constantly shrugging etc.
  3. The people in these videos look nothing like the ones in the thumbnails.
  4. The stories are absolutely boring. There is so much unnecessary and useless filler only for the sake of hitting the 10-minute mark.
  5. Most of the narrator's are unlikeable characters. They are always in the wrong by torturing other people, cheating or betraying others and yet when they are exposed, they try to gain the viewers' sympathy by claiming that "no one understands them". For example:
    • In I Got Locked In My Crush's Bathroom, the narrator constantly stalked her crush Noah by entering the boys locker room and when he even came in her sights, she would go ballistic and even she reported him to the police EVEN THOUGH HE WASN'T STALKING HER.
    • Another video called My Missing Sister From When She Was 2 Showed Up At Our Doorstep, the narrator heartlessly accused her 2-year-old sister of making her life hell EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS KIDNAPPED. How is it a 2-year-old's fault for getting kidnapped? Then she proceeded to call the kidnapper who was father heartless even though she too was being heartless just like him.
    • In My Boyfriend Is Gay but I am Okay With It, the narrator Chelsea is okay with the cheating boyfriend because he was buying her expensive gifts. And then she proceeded to say that she's "not a gold-digger". Well that's the definition of a gold-digger.
  6. Just like every other one of these crappy channels, they have some weird fetishes such as pregnancy fetish, getting locked inside the crush's bathroom or locker etc.
  7. There are a lot of clickbaity videos.
    • One example is the now deleted I Got Pregnant After Swimming With My Friends, the narrator Felicia never got pregnant. She only feared that she became pregnant after she kissed her crush in fifth grade yet for the sake of hitting the 10 minute mark, the 95% video was filled with uncanny pop-culture references.
  8. The stories have every single done to death cliche:
    • The popular girl thinking that everyone is jealous of her.
    • Having a dead father, mom or the narrator's mom and dad being divorced.
    • Every adult being evil.
    • Step-parents are evil because why not.
    • The parents always being strict Bible-thumping Catholics.
  9. The channel cannot take even the slightest bit of criticism. In June 2020, they copyright struck Kubz Scouts claiming that he never gave the channel any credit even though he gave them full credit.
  10. This channel constantly changes their story titles probably to avoid criticism.
  11. A lot of videos contain uncanny product placements and pop culture references which compose 90% of the stories
  12. A lot of stories don't make any sense such being the only girl/boy in an all boys/girls town, shooting webs after eating spiders etc.
  13. Some videos end terribly and become extremely confusing. An example is the aforementioned I Got Locked In My Crush's Bathroom, the video ended with the reveal that the girl was only "imagining" all the events. She had a condition named Erotomania.




Eric Cartman 2001

17 days ago
Score 3

Hello my name is Dickita and I'm 17 years old. I W A S B O R N A T A V E R Y Y O U N G A G E in a rich and wealthy household. I lived with my father and mother who are both jerks. Here's the problem: you see, whenever someone doesn't buy me what I want or doesn't bow to me, the Goddess of the world, I would beat them to a pulp. I'm so addicted to it so they're the bad guys. In school I have more than 30 boyfriends and if anyone ever saw another girl, I would kick them in know what. One day something strange happened, me and my boyfriends were in my house doing certain activities which involved shoving something long. Then, my stupid father barged into my house and yelled at me. I mean what's wrong in sleeping with 30 men? Please F E E L B A D F O R M E. I got so angry and swore revenge on him. The next day, I came very close to dad and fluttered my eyes at. He somehow liked it. I M N O T A L L O W E D T O T A L K A B O U T T H E D E T A I L S H E R E O N Y O U T U B E but let's just say that his...something got stuck in a certain hole. The next day I got pregnant and I was about to tell the news to him about it. After that I saw that my dad and my mom were cheating on me with my boyfriends. And they turned out to be my long lost siblings. I was so angry that I slaughtered each one of them, deep fried their limbs and ate them. Now I'm in jail, it's so unfair. Why did they arrest me for teaching a lesson to my boyfriends for cheating on me with my siblings? F E E L B A D F O R M E.

Well that's my story, hope you liked it. Don't forget to comment and subscribe to this channel.

Black sabbath

6 days ago
Score 0
I ATE A UZI AND GAVE BIRTH TO A LAMP---This channels content

Eric Cartman 2001

6 days ago
Score 0
Who's that?

Aokami The Legend

5 days ago
Score 0
My Story Animated Be Like:I Ate A Burger Now Im Pregnant

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