My Giant Friend

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My Giant Friend
My Giant Friend.jpg
This show is a giant deception, my friend.
Genre: Science fiction
Action comedy
Running Time: 12 Minutes
Country: France
South Korea
Release Date: April 6, 2009 – 2009
Network(s): France 32
Canal J
Disney XD (Latin America)
Created by: Hervé Trouillet
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52

My Giant Friend (also known as Linus et Boom in the French version) is a French-Korean animated series in 52 episodes of 12 minutes, created and produced by Hervé Trouillet and broadcast from April 6, 2009 on France 32 in the program Toowam then in the program Ludo. The series was subsequently broadcast on Canal J from August 31, 2009 and then on Gulli.

Why It Sucks

  1. Misleading title: The giant friend mentioned in the title most likely refers to Boom who is a friend of Linus who is the protagonist of the show. However Boom is not really a giant, he is only the size of a tall adult human and is overweight. Besides the show being focused on much more than just the friendship between Linus and Boom.
  2. It rips off shows and movies like:
    1. Ben 10: The main character Linus McLoon is very similar to Ben Tennyson in the classic series also possessing a device similar to a watch, the Watch of Scire, that is also used in battles with aliens.
    2. Pokémon: SDC is basically the equivalent of Team Rocket, with Chase and Sanborn being a pair of villains similar to Jessie and James.
    3. Men in Black: SDC is basically a evil version of MIB.
    4. Matrix: the robots used by SDC to fight and capture the aliens (known as Sbires in the French version) have a design that is a rip-off of Neo.
    5. Toy Story: the Beebees are a rip-off of the Little Green Men.
  3. While the design of Boom's alien form is pretty cool, his disguise as a human is horrendous and disgusting to see.
  4. Also talking about Boom's human disguise he looks more like a young adult in his 18-20 years than a 12-13 year old boy. Even so, nobody finds it strange to see him walking with children that look younger than him, Boom even studies in the same class as them!
  5. The Beebees are totally unnecessary characters that serve no purpose in the series.
  6. Jenny's passion for Boom (in his human disguise) is disturbing, since in addition to the fact that Boom looks a lot older than Jenny he is also ugly and gross. Boom doesn't even show any feelings for Jenny.
  7. The main villain, Number 9, rarely appears on the show and is very poorly exploited in the plot with his backstory unknown (Why does he hate aliens and why is his arm green?).
  8. The episodes are very short compared to other action cartoons, with episodes lasting only 12 minutes which makes the plot of many episodes appear to be rushed.
  9. Potential waste: in some episodes Linus is seen using Watch of Scire powers that are used in just one episode and then are never used before or again, for example in the last episode Linus has a laser battle against Number 9 using the Watch of Scire, something Linus has never done with the watch in the past episodes.
    1. Also talking about wasted potential, Boom has two alien friends named Ronk and Zotz who have as much, if not more, ability to fight SDC than Boom, but they rarely appear on the show.
  10. The design of some aliens is really bad, the worst example being Glassoon, Boom's best alien friend.
  11. The plot of most episodes are repetitive, following the same formula of the "monster of the week" and always ending with Linus creating a portal to teleport the rescued aliens back to their planet.
  12. Plothole: Why do aliens always insist on going to Earth and always landing in the exact same city where there is a criminal organization that captures and tortures aliens?
  13. The last episode ends in a cliffhanger: after Number 9 is defeated he is replaced by Number 8 in command of the SDC, however Number 8 also reveals be evil.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of the characters are likable, including even the comic villain duo Chase and Sanborn.
  2. Excellent animation with great visuals and character designs.
  3. Catchy theme song.
  4. Iris' secret crush on Linus is cute.
  5. Most aliens have really interesting designs and powers.
  6. Enjoyable fight scenes.
  7. Some moments are funny.
  8. The episodes: Hally and My Best Enemy are emotional.


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