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Monster Clubhouse

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Monster Clubhouse
Monster Clubhouse.jpg
Sesame Workshop's answer to "Teletubbies", "Tweenies" and Baby Einstein. Yet they couldn't even strike those two English birds and one American bird with one American stone.
Genre: Children's
Sketch comedy
Running Time: 10 minutes (2001)
5 minutes (2002)
Country: United States
Release Date: February 5, 2001-April 5, 2002
Network(s): PBS Kids (as part of Sesame Street)
Starring: Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Joey Mazzarino
Alice Dinnean (2001)
John Tartaglia (2002)
Kevin Clash
Jerry Nelson
Episodes: 7

Monster Clubhouse is a Sesame Street segment that premiered in season 32. When the show changed its format in 2002, it and Hero Guy became two of the main features. Three new segments were taped for Season 33, and the previous ones were shortened considerably. In addition, Mooba was renamed Googel and Groogle was renamed Phoebe.


Energetic young monster friends Mooba/Googel, Mel, Narf, and Groogle/Phoebe introduce children to daily routines. This is the structure for the segment as follows:

  • Narf arrives.
  • The monsters sing "The Welcome Song".
  • Narf asks Mel what happened in the last meeting.
  • The monsters do the Monster Dance.
  • The monsters take a quick nap.
  • The monsters eat a snack.
  • A lost Lavender Anything Muppet Man looks for a different club.
  • The monsters tell us the Furry Feeling/Furry Shape/Furry Animal Sound of the Day.
  • The monsters get chased by an elephant.
  • The monsters answer letters.
  • The monsters sing "The Monster Goodbye Song".

Why This Clubhouse Should Be Closed

  1. Its overall frantic pacing and childish nature makes it too similar to Teletubbies, Tweenies, Rugrats, Cubeez, and Baby Einstein. In fact, it makes Teletubbies and Baby Einstein look like a masterpiece in comparison.
  2. Almost everything here makes no sense in the slightest.
  3. All the monsters do are sleep on the floor for a few seconds, spin wheels, eat disgusting food (especially inedible ones like a helmet), and demonstrate the absolute worst of stuff (like being chased around by an elephant for no apparent reason).
  4. So much noises that never stops nor ends.
  5. The voice acting is annoying and consists mostly of high-pitched screaming or yelling. Groogle/Phoebe also sounds extremely more annoying than Elmo for some reason.
  6. The theme song (used only in Season 32) is incredibly annoying and has repetitive lyrics.
  7. When it last appeared in two Season 34 episodes of Sesame Street, it came out of nowhere.
  8. The "Monster Time" chant done in Season 33 to introduce the segment (or other monster-related segments in the same season whenever MC isn't shown) may get on your last nerve.
  9. Painful, insufferable sound effects.
  10. Hypocrisy: Sesame Workshop removed the segment after Season 34 of Sesame Street due to its frantic pacing and hyperactive characters, yet they kept Elmo's World (a segment with similar pacing that also has Elmo being hyperactive) in the show.
  11. Bad humor, like a duck randomly walking in and asking the monsters "Did somebody say quack time?".
  12. The four monsters, Mooba/Googel, Mel, Narf, and Groogle/Phoebe, are way too hyperactive. They also treat the audience like how the Teletubbies, the Tweenies, the narrators and puppets from Baby Einstein, the Little Einsteins, Angela Anaconda, Dora the Explorer, Diego from Go, Diego, Go!, Barney the Dinosaur, Blue from Blue's Room, JoJo from JoJo's Circus, the Sensational Six from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Darby from My Friends Tigger & Pooh, and Pinky Dinky Doo would.
  13. "The Monster Goodbye Song" is just "goodbye" being said over and over again until later when the monsters bid the audience farewell.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This segment is still hilarious because it still makes daycare/preschool/kindergarten seem fun to children.
  2. This segment encourages children to play along with the monsters on their play date, while singing songs, dancing, fun games, and develop their gross motor skills, despite of the frenetic pace.
  3. Despite being too hyperactive, Mooba/Googel, Mel, Narf, and Groogle/Phoebe still entertain children and are nonetheless friendly monsters.


According to Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street, kids didn't know the new Muppets and became confused; the frenetic pace of the segment and the puppets bouncing off the walls also raised concerns. No new segments were made for season 34 and the segment was discontinued the following season (although it appeared in the intro).


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