Mistaken Identi-Sheep (Sheep in The Big City)

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This is just like Everyone Knows It's Bendy.

Mistaken Identi-Sheep is the twelfth episode of Sheep in the Big City.


A sheep-like creature robs the town, while Sheep is blamed.

Why It Sucks

  1. This is literally a Sheep torture episode.
  2. The episode heavily relies on the cliché and worrying trope of the innocent character getting wrongfully blamed despite no wrongdoings and the bad character getting away scot-free.
  3. All of the Big City citizens are very unlikable, they blame Sheep and think he's the sheep-like creature.
  4. The Bank owner and Supermarket owner (both played by Greedy McGreedGreed) were idiotic and unlikable characters.
  5. Even Lady Richington is unlikable, she doesn't care about the bank or the supermarket but she cares more about her home.
  6. Speaking of Lady Richington's home, She mistakes Sheep for the one who stole her house and calls the police to arrest Sheep.
  7. Ben Plotz (the narrator of the series) was also hateable until the middle, he accuses Sheep for robbing the store and calls him a "Very Guilty Sheep" when he flies out of the store.
  8. Nobody would let Sheep figure out who is the real sheep-like creature.
  9. Sheep never got his name cleared, instead, he gets arrested for the crimes he didn't do.
  10. The Big City never found out Sheep was innocent.
  11. The sheep-like creature was actually Swanky! And nobody found out, not even her owner.
  12. No one, not even Swanky, gets their comeuppance for what they did to Sheep.
  13. Very bland title for this episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending was good because Swanky did this for a reason, she actually frames Sheep so he can be the one stolen from the rich and give to the poor.
  2. In the after ending credits, the Big City still thinks Sheep is guilty but they think he learns his lesson and never does it again.
  3. At least the Idea of Sheep getting framed for something he didn't do was a creative idea.




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