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Miracle Star

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Miracle Star
Miracle Star.jpg
它基本上是“口香糖的奇妙世界”,除了它遠非驚人,而且它肯定不是奇蹟...... (It's basically The Amazing World of Gumball except that it's far from being amazing, and it sure ain’t a miracle...)
Genre: "Comedy"
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: China
Release Date: September 13, 2014 - 2015
Network(s): CCTV 14
Distributed by: Sanyuan Foods

Miracle Star (simplified Chinese: 奇迹星; traditional Chinese: 奇蹟星; pinyin: Qíjī xīng) is an obscure Chinese 2014 commercial series created by the Chinese food company Sanyuan Foods (which is China's most prestigious milk company after Sanlu Group, the previous holder of that title, broke in 2008 due to being responsible for the 2008 Chinese Milk incident). It became infamous in early 2015 when YouTube user "ryoga316" uploaded a commercial of the show which promoted children's powdered milk, and called the video Chinese Gumball, due to its similarities to the British-American cartoon series The Amazing World of Gumball.[citation needed] The show is so obscure, other than the fact that it aired on CCTV 14 in 2014, and it was canceled after its 12th episode aired.


The series is apparently about a young goat named Miao Li Xing (roughly Miracle Star/Kiki, or Chi Chi on TAWOG), who lives in an apartment with his family and his brother Gua-Gua (roughly Quack, Ribbit on TAWOG), a frog that is most likely Miao's science test experiment, and the two have bizarre adventures.

Why People Find It No Miracle

  1. In order to get the elephant out of the room, it blatantly rip-offs The Amazing World of Gumball, right down to the premise, animation, and character designs. Ben Bocquelet, Gumball's creator, even made a tweet in which he discussed the similarities between both shows.[citation needed] Heck, it even looks as if MAD made a parody out of TAWOG.
  2. Miao Le Xing's design is very weird and we can't tell if he's supposed to be a bull or a goat.
  3. Not only do Miao Le Xing and Gua Gua rip off Gumball and Darwin, but they even rip off how Upin and Ipin scream from the Malaysian animated cartoon Upin dan Ipin.
  4. Some moments in the show come off as very mean-spirited, mainly the ones revolving around Miao Li Xing's school.
  5. The animation feels very cheap and low quality for 2014 standards, and the audio quality is no better.
  6. The voice acting is below average.
  7. The lip-syncing is way off despite Chinese being its original language.
    • It was later discovered that the lip-syncing was copied directly from the show it ripped off!
  8. Apart from the two main characters, there are also rip-offs of almost every character from Gumball, such as a milk bottle who's a rip-off of Penny, a piece of broccoli who's a rip-off of Carmen, a guy who rips off both Principal Brown and Teri, a furry giant who's a ripoff of Hector Jotunheim and has the same fur as Sulley from Monsters Inc., a cloud who's literally Masami, a watermelon slice that rips off Banana Joe and a giant spider who's a rip-off of Tina.
  9. The show uses copyrighted logos without their owner's permission, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and a pre-2012 Windows logo (specifically a Windows XP one).
  10. The theme song is horribly sung and cringeworthy, albeit the first few seconds of the instrumental are catchy.
  11. Almost all of the episodes have scenes that rip off a Gumball scene, and even some of them use plots from Gumball episodes. For example, "The Horror Movie" is a ripoff of "The DVD" since both episodes have the two main protagonists of their respective show destroying a DVD that was a rental (in both Gumball and Miracle Star, the characters destroy it accidentally), thus ending in the main characters doing a homemade version of the film that was on the rental disc.
    • In "Big Eater" Gua-Gua pokes Miao Le Xing's stomach, causing him to vomit. This scene was already used in "The Wand" when Darwin touched Gumball's stomach and he vomited sink water.
    • There was even a scene where Chun-Ni punches a wall that was remade in "The Copycats."
  12. "Big Eater" has a weird glitch where, during the scene where Miao Le Xing and Gua Gua are eating ice cream together, the logo of the show appears for no reason whatsoever. However, this was fixed in the Youku version.
  13. Some episodes feature disgusting gross-out humor, an example is "Big Eater", which features a scene where Gua-Gua pokes a now-evil Miao Le Xing, which causes Miao to vomit on-screen (There is a censored version of the episode where the screen is black in the moment where he vomits).
  14. It doesn't only rip-off Gumball and McDonald's, the Hector rip-off in this show is also a ripoff of Sulley from Pixar's Monsters Inc. and its prequel Monsters University the Bobert ripoff also rips off Bender from Futurama (even if his design is the best out of all the characters) and the bear of the episode "Cold" ripped off the Japanese city mascot Kumamon.
  15. Almost all of Miao Li Xing's friends are eating-themed. They're either food, drinks, mouths, or even organs.
  16. The food characters look way too much like the characters from the web series Battle for Dream Island.
  17. One of the songs in the milk commercial that eventually made the show infamous was also stolen; it was taken from a Korean show called Hearts of Nineteen from KBS without permission.[1]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the backgrounds are passable since they're like the show's non-ripoff counterpart.
  2. Despite being weird and confusing, Miao Li Xing's design is admittedly cute.
  3. The theme song can be nice to listen to, despite being annoying and cringe-worthy.
  4. Likewise, the credits theme is rather relaxing, and is slightly better than the theme song.


Miracle Star has a 1.3 / 10 rating on IMDb,[2] and has been heavily criticized for its similarities to The Amazing World of Gumball.[3]


  • Miracle Star was mocked by the writers of The Amazing World of Gumball in the episode The Copycats, where Gumball and Darwin find out that a family is making money online by copying everything the Wattersons do or say, a clear reference to how Miracle Star ripped off The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Strangely enough, in the original official arts for Miracle Star, Miao's mother has no breasts, while in the commercials as well as the television series promoting the product, she has breasts.
  • Related to the confusion of Miao being either a bull or a goat, it's possible he's actually a bull, since there's an official article about the show claiming that if Miao sees the color red, he will gain a superpower that differs each time (an obvious reference to the claim that bulls tend to react angrily to that color, which is actually false since they actually can't see colors), albeit this element was never used in any of the aired episodes.
  • Prior to the series' cancellation, Sanyuan planned to release 26 yearly episode on a 15 year cycle, which didn't end up happening due to the series being canceled.
  • It doesn't include an Anais ripoff due to China's 2-child policy (now a 3-child policy as of 2021) in a single-family not being established until 2015 to fix the overpopulation problem the country suffers (since China is the most populated country in the world). The Darwin ripoff doesn't count as a child as he qualifies as the family pet (Darwin is a goldfish).
  • Cartoon Network later ended up suing Sanyuan Foods for $10,000 (65,300.96 yuan).[4]






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