Mike, Lu & Og

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Mike, Lu & Og
Mike lu and og.jpg
The Cartoon Network show where nobody goes.
Genre: Children's television series
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 12, 1999 – May 27, 2001
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Mikhail Shindel
Mikhail Aldashin
Charles Swenson
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Nika Futterman
Nancy Cartwright
Dee Bradley Baker
S. Scott Bullock
Corey Burton
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Mike, Lu & Og is an American animated television series created by Mikhail Shindel, Mikhail Aldashin and Charles Swenson for Cartoon Network, and the 7th of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The series follows a foreign exchange student from Manhattan named Mike, a self-appointed island princess named Lu, and a boy-genius named Og. The trio take part in various adventures as Mike and the island's natives share their customs with each other.


Mike applies as a foreign exchange student, and on a lark asks to be sent to a tropical island (which briefly sinks and "pop[s] up like a cork" every "few hundred years or so"). She finds herself dumped on a forgotten, scantily mapped island populated by descendants of a British shipwreck. This island is called Albonquetine, named after one of their founders, Wendell Joshua Albonquetine. It may be based on the real-life Pitcairn Islands. The castaways have "gone native" and try to behave like Polynesians, with varying degrees of success.

Bad Qualities

  1. Ugly and bland animation, which is almost trying way too hard to imitate Klasky Csupo.
  2. Repetitive scenarios, which makes this show completely boring and very dull.
  3. Confusing concept, as it contradicts itself. Why is this show take place in the 90's where it's supposed to take place in the 1950's? How did Mike get herself enchanged on Albonquetine?
  4. Bland or unlikeable characters that are sometimes ripped off from one of the first Nicktoons, Rugrats, especially the main characters. Mike is just your stereotypical straightman-like city girl whose usually gets annoyed by her "best friend" Lu, LuLCW is a spoiled brat that abuses and torments her pet turtle, Lancelot, and Og is just a typical native inventor.
    • Speaking of which, Mike's "best friend", Lu, is such an infuriating, spoiled, abusive, bratty, and awfully written character for almost the entire show.
  5. Repetitive theme song with nonsensical lyrics.
  6. The pacing is excruciatingly slow.
  7. Regarding BQ#1, the animation makes the show feel like more of a Nickelodeon/Klasky Csupo show rather than an actual Cartoon Network show.
  8. Strange music.
  9. While the voice acting is good, Lu's voice is ear-piercingly annoying to listen to.
  10. It features unfunny animal abuse, most notably Lu treating Lancelot like dirt.
  11. Bad Finale: Sleeping Ugly, has Old Queeks knocking out Miss Hortense unconscious.
    • Speaking of the finale, it was an awful way to end the show.

Good Qualities

  1. A few decent episodes like Jujubombs.
  2. Good voice acting (Except Lu).
  3. Lu does get her comeuppance in 15 episodes, out of 52.
  4. While the music is strange, it can be passable at times.
  5. Mike and Og can be likable at times.
  6. While the animation is ugly, it can look passable at times.




7 months ago
Score 0
I don't really like the animation.


one month ago
Score 1
This show sucks


20 days ago
Score 0
Og has throat cancer


20 days ago
Score 0
At the same time, I both like and dislike Lu.


8 days ago
Score 0
All these criticisms are out of contempt and ignorance. Most think that Mike, Lu & Og's only sin was becoming a bad cartoon. But for most of us it is one of the best known and most famous series on Cartoon Network.


6 days ago
Score 0
I am halfway on this show.

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