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Mi Nombre Es Venganza (La Rosa de Guadalupe)

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Mi Nombre Es Venganza (La Rosa de Guadalupe)
Mi Nombre Es Venganza.jpg
Remember, if your husband divorces you because you were deformed by a car accident, you are clearly the villain here cause is it not the best moral in this god awful episode?!
Part of Season: 10
Episode Number: 986
Air Date: June 27, 2017
Writer: Carlos Mercado Orduña
Director: Marta Luna
Previous episode: ¿Lobo, estas ahí?
Next episode: La Búsqueda

Mi Nombre Es Venganza (English: My Name Is Revenge) is an episode from the Mexican TV soap opera "La Rosa de Guadalupe". It was considered one of the worst episodes of the series.


After discovering her husband Edwin cheating with another woman, Maria de la Luz suffers a shocking accident that left her face disfigured, so she decides to take revenge on her husband. 19 years later and with a new face, Maria fulfills her revenge.

Why We Should Stop Revenge

  1. Edwin and Romina are very unlikable characters (especially the former). They are supposed to be the good guys, but Edwin is a complete jerk from the beginning, cheating on his wife because of because "she no longer gave him love" due to her fertility treatments and dirvorcing her after the car accident, and Romina is a horrible person towards Maria. If you watch this episode out of context, you might think that they are the villains of the episode considering that many previous antagonists have acted in the same way as them. It's a complete surprise that Romina is the one who prays to the Lady of Guadalupe and founds the white rose.
  2. Despite being the episode's villain, Maria is actually very sympathetic, after all, her hate towards Edwin and Romina is justified, considering that she lost her son who she was pregnant and was about to tell Edwin the night she discovered him cheating in the accident. Even after her revenge, in which she cheats with Edwin in front of Rumina, it is impossible to hate Maria.
  3. Edwin says Maria never loved him, despite the episode showed the opposite before her revenge.
  4. This is also one of the most hypocritical episodes of the entire show, as they justify Edwin's infidelity towards Maria to have a moral of "revenge is bad", even though infidelity is something the show is very against.
  5. Seriously, cheating on someone because they "no longer give love" due to fertility treatments and dirvorcing that same person because of a car accident that left that person disfigured is something very nasty, and the episode portrays this in a positive way. Can you imagine someone doing this in real life? Do you think it would be a hero as the episode shows?
  6. Bad and unsatisfying ending.