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Mega Babies

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Mega Babies
"It's like if Satan shat out Rugrats on a pile of Ren & Stimpy. The only thing this show is good at is scaring teens away from sex, but too bad it's aimed at kids!"
- Mr. Enter, Animated Atrocities #58
Genre: Adventure
Action fiction
Toilet humor
Running Time: 10–11 Minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: October 10, 1999 – April 22, 2000
Network(s): Teletoon (Canada)
Fox Family Channel (USA)
Created by: Christian and Yvon
Distributed by: CinéGroupe
Landmark Entertainment Group
Sony Wonder
Starring: Sonja Ball
Dean Hagopian
Jaclyn Linetsky
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26 (52 Segments)

"Mega Babies" is a Canadian animated series created by the Tremblay brothers Christian and Yvon who previously had made the most famous Hanna-Barbera's well-liked and beloved cult classic SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. It was produced by CinéGroupe and Landmark Entertainment Group in association with Sony Wonder. The series was broadcast from 1999 to 2000 on Teletoon in Canada and Fox Family Channel and also aired in the UK on Sky One's weekday mornings and later repeated on Channel 5 on weekend mornings between 2001 and 2002.


In a town called Your City, USA, a trio of babies fight off evil monsters and aliens. Their names are Derrick, (Cheep Yellow) Buck, (Weak Blue) Meg (Bad Pink) and their caregiver's name is Nurse Lazlo. After their birth, they are brought to an orphanage. When the entire solar system aligned itself, the babies and their nurse were struck by lightning. The babies were given super strength and other powers, and Nurse Lazlo's IQ rose.

Why It Sucks Mega Badly

  1. The show has some of the perfect examples of toilet humor. It shows an extreme amount of gross-out humor based on snot, vomit, feces, flatulence, drool, veins popping out of muscular parts and various other bodily fluids that you could think of coming from the characters.
    • Hell, barely any kind of humor besides toilet humor is used.
    • The babies even drool their vomit. It’s pretty nonsensical and sickening. In real life, a baby only vomits when it ate/drank too much also due to the sensitivity of its stomach.
  2. The character designs are somewhat uncanny and comparable to Ed Roth rejects. Even the main trio barely looks like humans.
  3. The animation and color scheme are both ugly looking and displeasing.
  4. The characters in the series (especially the babies themselves) are beyond detestable:
    • Likewise, the Mega Babies are implied to be heroes but rarely save anyone and mostly cause chaos instead. They never even get any consequences for the destruction they've caused. Instead, the Mega Babies are implied to be like the bad people in the series.
    • Nurse Lazlo is supposed to have been made super-smart after the alignment yet there are a few moments where she's a totally careless person.
      • For example in "Inspection Insurrection", she acts completely out of character and behaves just like the babies though to be fair it was established that was because she got amnesia. Still again, that’s not how amnesia works. The person who is diagnosed with that disorder rather forgot a select number of memories and has to be educated more thoroughly.
      • "Chewing the Fat" also has a moment in which Nurse Lazlo eats junk food and watches TV as she lifts a single barbell yet she still doesn't know why she's the same size.
  5. Most episodes, like "Journey to the Center of the Sewer", can get extremely disturbing to look at since the mentioned episode revolves around the sewer.
  6. The writing is really poor and sometimes ridiculous especially with the plot being quite unusual.
    • Most of the plots are pretty pointless and can sometimes be considered filler.
  7. The sound design is really bad for an average man to hear. The voice acting is really aggravating and mostly loud and the sound effects (mostly from the gross-out humor) can range from obnoxious to pretty revolting. The theme song is also really bothersome since it’s audio can be pretty loud and the singing being too ear-grating.
  8. The show’s location name can come off as pretty effortless and unoriginal since it’s named "Your City".
  9. There are pedophilia jokes in a kids' show. Especially in the episode "Balemtime's Day" and from Meg who is only a baby and too young to flirt.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nurse Lazlo (despite her flaws as stated in WIAMPOS #4) is the only likable and tolerable character in the entire show.
  2. A few good or funny moments here and there, such as the hilarious quote "FIRE! Uh, I mean WATER!" in the episode "Poop Doggy Dog". Even the subplot of aliens landing in the orphanage in "Let It Rip" is entertaining (despite being filler).


  • The show was universally panned by critics and audiences for its massive overuse of gross-out humor, and currently holds a 2.5/10 on IMDb and a 23% on Google.


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