Manic Mom-Day (The Fairly OddParents)

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Manic Mom-Day
Titlecard-Manic Mom Day.jpg
This sure is a manic of a mom-day but not in a good way.
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 7
Episode Number: 113a
Air Date: September 18, 2010
Writer: Kevin Sullivan
Director: Michelle Bryan
Previous episode: Teacher's Pet
Next episode: Crocker of Gold

"Manic Mom-Day" is the twenty-fourth episode in the seventh season of The Fairly OddParents.


Wanda swaps Timmy and his mother's brains for a day to make him realize a mother's life is not as easy as he thinks.

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode feels very similar to Season 2's "A Mile In My Shoes", where Timmy and Wanda make a bet to see how hard it is to be a kid/fairy godparent. Here, it's literally the same thing, but with a concept of how hard it is to be a mother.
    • It also reuses the body switching concept from Season 1's "A Dog's Day Afternoon" and Season 5's "Presto Change-O".
  2. The writing for this episode makes no sense and is rather clichéd, as Mrs. Turner, while tolerable, can literally be seen as a Mary Sue throughout the episode. She, in Timmy's body, miraculously solves her son's problems at school, such as:
    • Inspiring Francis to become an interpretive dancer, redeeming him from his bullying qualities.
    • Mr. Crocker warming up to her and dancing ballerina together, like Francis' case.
    • Trixie becoming friends with her after Mrs. Turner says she loves her clothing.
  3. This is pretty much yet another Timmy Turner torture gag because bad things happen to him as he, in his mother’s body, tries to do things that his mom normally does, only to backfire heavily on him.
  4. Timmy is also immature in this episode, as he puts the dirty dishes into a washing machine and puts soap in to clean them, which backfires horribly and has the house covered in bubbles, and he drives recklessly with his Mom’s car, crashes into his Dad’s work building, and ends up destroying the car in the end.
  5. While the ending is good, Mrs. Turner sort of contradicts herself when she says that her day was horrible, even though she seemed like she was enjoying her day while still in Timmy's body.

Good Qualities

  1. Mrs. Turner saying Springtime isn't that bad as well as the students and Mr. Crocker saying it was entertaining, despite being annoying.
  2. Mrs. Turner at least actually wants to learn more about her son to understand him and take care of him better, which is unlike most episodes of the series.
  3. Mrs. Turner actually helps turn her son’s life around while she’s Timmy, spreading positive traits around Francis (who has a dream to dance), Mr. Crocker (who has a sad childhood, as we’ve seen before in "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker"), and even Trixie (in which she admires the nice traits from Mrs. Turner in Timmy’s body), and they all treat Timmy better as a result, with the whole school and bus dancing in happiness.
  4. Good ending: Timmy and his mom both understand each others’ lives better, and Timmy admits to Wanda that being a mom is tough, and Mrs. Turner understand how Timmy deals with his day. When they switch back, Mrs. Turner cleans and fixes the house in an instant, but it was sweet for Timmy to try to help her, but his mom said she’s got this. Then, when Mr. Turner comes for a kiss, Timmy gives her an electric eel to zap him, which was decently funny.


  • Butch Hartman voices Francis in this episode instead of Faith Abrahams. This is also Francis' last speaking role in the series.



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