Man's Best Fiend (Back at the Barnyard)

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This article is about the Back at the Barnyard episode. You may be looking for the 1992 Ren & Stimpy episode of the same name.

Man's Best Fiend (Back at the Barnyard)
Man's Best Friend.png
This is not just Duke's reaction to Baxter... This is also Duke's reaction to this enitre episode.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 11b
Air Date: October 8, 2009
Director: T.J. Sullivan
Previous episode: Free Schmoozy
Next episode: Endangered Liasions

Man's Best Fiend is an episode of Back at the Barnyard.


Duke gets a new friend.

Why It's a Fiend

  1. It's a torture episode for Duke, who just wants a friend.
  2. Much like in Everyone Knows It's Bendy, Duke is framed by Baxter for things the latter did.
  3. Baxter is unlikable and horrible in this episode, because he frames Duke to get him kicked out of the house.
  4. Also, he cheats his way out of the pound by feeding other dogs whipped cream, making it look like they were rabid.
  5. The farmer is horrible, stupid, and cruel in this episode, blaming Duke for things Baxter did.
  6. The jokes can get cruel, such as Baxter trying to feed the farmer to a bear, as well as the same bear pounding Duke into the ground.
  7. It's a rehash of the episode, Dummy and Dummier.
  8. The entire episode could have been avoided if BAXTER DIDN'T GET ADOPTED.
  9. The farmer ultimately gets away scot free for how he treated Duke.
  10. That disturbing scene where a living caterpillar is inside of Pig's stomach.
  11. Disgusting ending: a close up of Duke giving the farmer a sloppy kiss.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Baxter at least got karma.
  2. The farmer apologized to Duke.
  3. Duke is still likable in this episode.
  5. The title card is funny.
  6. Up until Baxter broke a lamp, the episode was good.


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