Lumpus' Last Stand (Camp Lazlo)

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Lumpus' Last Stand (Camp Lazlo)
Even the most glorious of shows can end horribly...
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: March 27, 2008
Writer: John Infantino
Merriwether Williams
Steve Little
Director: Sue Perrotto
Previous episode: Peace Frog

Lumpus' Last Stand is an episode from Camp Lazlo. It is the 16th and final episode of the 5th season, and is overall the 104th and final episode of the Camp Lazlo series.


When Lumpus discovers that they can paint their own clothes, he gets all of the Scouts to use them so he can be famous.

Why It Takes A Last Stand

  1. Much like "Things Change" of Teen Titans, this whole episode is a massive cliffhanger episode and feels like an unfinished multi-part episode.
  2. The whole episode has no indication that this is the series finale. Even the commercials leading up to it didn't make it feel like a finale, which will be a big problem as is explained later.
  3. The idea of the characters painting their clothes on is an unoriginal idea.
    • The fact that all the characters decided to give up on laundry in favor of painting clothes on their body, only for the paint to fade away from the rain, means that the characters have decided to go naked for the rest of their life and have been naked for most of the episode until the ending, which is extremely inappropriate for children.
  4. Misleading Title: There is nothing in this episode that has a "Last Stand" approach for Lumpus, as the episode is really about the characters using paint as a substitute for clothes.
  5. The two aliens that appear near the end of the episode don't do much other then be there to give Lumpus his trophy.
  6. Some very mean-spirited scenes, such as Lumpus beating up Slinkman.
  7. The EXTREMELY infamous scene near the end of the episode, with the plot twist that reveals Lumpus to be an imposter all along, this part in particular comes completely out-of-nowhere with no foreshadowing at all.
    1. On that note, the big and elongated “Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaat?!?!?” that the campers all say together blatantly indicates that the plot twist was forced and was crammed in just for the sake of episode having a plot twist.
  8. The real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney (who is a shaved and elderly version of Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life) is a very forced and random character who literary only appears in the last minute of the episode.
  9. None of the Campers seem to care about what happened to Scout Master Lumpus nor the fact that Lumpus was never the real Scout Master of Camp Kidney in the first place.
  10. Continuity error: The episode claims that Lumpus was an impostor and was never truly the Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney, but other episodes do said that Lumpus was not only Camp Kidney's Scoutmaster, but that the title had been passed to his family members through generations, thus making the "Plot Twist" feel extremely force.
  11. This is overall a very poor way to end the Camp Lazlo series.
  12. This episode happens right after "Peace Frog", where Lumpus becomes a hero and saves all of the frogs that had been locked up in the cage. So reverting him back into an antagonist really leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouths.
  13. Because of the misleading title and the out-of-nowhere ending, "Lumpus' Last Stand" felt very rushed and feels more like a set-up for something bigger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few funny scenes. such as Lumpus' reaction to his trophy being reforged into clothes.
  2. Lumpus got arrested at the end, which (depending on your view) is very satisfying to watch due to his cruelty towards Lazlo, his friends and the rest of the campers in previous episodes.
  3. Heffer's cameo as the real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is quite interesting despite being forced, as unlike other Cartoon Network shows in which characters from one show appear in another, this is a character who belongs to a show from Nickelodeon, the network's rival.


"Lumpus' Last Stand" received overwhelmingly negative reviews by fans and critics alike, with many fans criticizing the episode's lack of finality despite it being the "series finale", the bland and boring plot, and the extremely out-of-nowhere ending were Lumpus is reviled to be a fake all along, many considered this as one of the worst series final to a cartoon show of all time.


  • The real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is a shaved and elderly version of Heffer Wolfe from Joe Murray's previous cartoon Rocko's Modern Life. He was just not explicitly identified in the episode to avoid legal problems with Nickelodeon, but the real Scoutmaster corrects Lumpus by saying that he is a steer after Lumpus calls him cow, which is what Heffer always said.


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