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Loving Bros (STIX)

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Loving Bros
Loving Bros.png
One word: Cringeworthy.
Series: STIX
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 4
Air Date: October 27, 2014
Writer: Mitchell Tansell
Director: Mitchell Tansell
Previous episode: Burying Dead Bodies
Next episode: Quest for Treasure

"Loving Bros" is the forth episode of the first season of STIX. The episode was panned by some people, and it is considered the worst episode of the entire show, along with "Desert Disaster (original)".


Larry falls in love with a cute girl named Zoey, and with Jacob's advice, tries to win her heart.

Why You Will Not Love This Episode

  1. The voice actor for Zoey is awful.
  2. Jacob's advice is simple and terrible.
  3. In the entire episode, Larry was just a simp.
  4. Megan Maravilla wasn't even credited in the episode, plus it sounds like Tansell was voicing Zoey.
  5. Bad animation that is actually laughable in this episode.
  6. Random and downright weird ending: Larry gets her heart and Jacob was talking to the tree.
  7. Maravilla does a awful job voicing Zoey and Stella.
  8. Even the plot is predictable.
  9. They just give the main characters girlfriends to give them a “personality”.
  10. The creator voicing Larry sounds like he doesn’t want to do this episode but does it anyways because he has no episode ideas.
  11. It just pokes fun at people that are trying to get a girlfriend.
  12. Overall, this might be the infamous episode of STIX, along with the original version of “Desert Disaster”.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. "Alright, I do have a crush on that girl".


Zoey is the first character that’s not voice by the creator.


Some people think this is the worst episode of STIX ever.


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