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Lost in Space (The Eggs)

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Lost in Space
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Cannibalism. For kids!
Series: The Eggs
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 44
Writer: Philip Dalkin
Previous episode: The Dance Craze
Next episode: Copy Cat

Lost in Space is the 44th episode of The Eggs.


Scramble acts fussy about doing chores, until he gets an idea. He goes in his eggmobile and use a grabber to grab the rubbish. But due to the low fuel of his eggmobile, it stops working, and Scramble becomes lost. Will he come back to his home?

Why It Needs to Be Lost

  1. The literal first scene of this episode is the main characters that are about to eat dinner with scrambled eggs on it. Considering that the characters are eggs themselves, that would be considered cannibalism, in a kids' show.
    • In one scene for two seconds, Yolky was seen eating scrambled eggs, onscreen.
      • The worst part is that this happens again in the next episode after this, from the same character (in Copy Cat).
  2. An error: When Yolky and Sunnyside groan, their mouths are closed.
  3. Tons of infamous moments:
    • The infamous stare Benedict, Yolky, and Sunnyside has when Scramble doesn't want to do chores.
    • The infamous mouth asset Scramble makes when he sees the red button.
      • There's another infamous moment where Scramble makes another mouth asset when it cuts back to him.
    • The infamous scene where it shots at Scramble's belly rumbling because he's hungry. This may encourage vore.
  4. Scramble thinks that doing chores faster will get him out of doing them. This automatically caused in a disaster. Seriously, Scramble? You just have to do chores and that will be it.
  5. When Scramble got scared because the satellite coming through him, his farts get from the eggmobile and so he uses them to move the eggmobile. What the actual heck?!
  6. The crew are not great either, as they think Scramble's hiding from Shelly.
    • Yolky even thinks Scramble he's a attention seeker because he was gone after he was done with the chores.
  7. Extremely terrible and downer ending: When Scramble got back (somehow) with the rubbish, the crew acts mean-spirited to him because he left for almost a day. Scramble makes excuses to get out of chores and runs away to eat breakfast. When he wants some, Shelly tells him to do chores, because the rubbish was still here. The crew acts oblivious, and then Scramble goes to do chores, groaning excessively. While the crew goes to eat breakfast, we cut to Scramble grumbling and outraged that he has to do chores. Poor Scramble..

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The song at the end sounds good.
  2. The animation seemed to slightly improve.
  3. Scramble is the only likable character.


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