Loonatics Unleashed

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Loonatics Unleashed
Loonatics titulo.jpg
It would have been for the best for Warner Bros. to cancel this disaster before it premiered…
Genre: Comedy-drama
Science fantasy
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 17, 2005 – May 5, 2007
Network(s): Kids' WB
Created by: Christian and Yvon
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Charlie Schlatter
Jessica DiCicco
Jason Marsden
Rob Paulsen
Kevin Michael Richardson
Candi Milo
Joe Alaskey
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26
Previous show: Baby Looney Tunes (2001-2006)
Next show: The Looney Tunes Show

Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated action-adventure science fiction series created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay (who previously created SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron and Mega Babies). Based on the Looney Tunes, it aired on Kids' WB from September 17, 2005 to May 5, 2007.


In the year 2772, the distant future, a group of teenagers-descended from the classic Looney Tunes characters-form a superhero team to fight against evil.

Why Unleashing This Is Such A VERY Bad Idea

  1. The idea of having a superhero show with a serious and action-packed tone and using the cyberpunk setting based on a franchise known for its zany comedic humor was a very bad idea from the start and got much backlash because of that.
    • Also, the futuristic cyberpunk setting is other than popularized on the trend, around the show airs (the late 1990s to mid or late 2000s).
    • Understandably while the first seasons of Beast Wars: Transformers and Teen Titans had a more comedic tone but throughout the series, since the second season of both shows had a darker tone and it did balance it with funny moments, but Loonatics Unleashed on the other hand just felt completely non-existent from the zany-wacky comedic tone of the Looney Tunes franchise which upset the fans of the original franchise.
  2. Shallow and boring plot that tries to take itself way too seriously.
  3. The show is heavily derivative of various serious action-packed superhero-themed cartoon shows of the late-1990s and early-2000s such as Justice League and Teen Titans, and even the live-action series Power Rangers.
  4. Misleading title: The name "Loonatics" felt like the team would be sociopaths instead of heroes, but don't "unleashed" at all.
  5. The intros are just forgettable.
    • The intro for Season 1 introduces the main characters with no explanation and the female narrator sounds like she’s tired and/or depressed (despite being voiced by Candi Milo, the voice actress of Zadavia and other characters of the show). They just only showcased the characters.
    • The intro for Season 2 is just weird and the male narrator sounds like he’s drunk or on crack.
  6. While the animation is decent, it's very unfaithful especially the art style.
    • Notably, the character designs aren't good as they bear little resemblance to their original classic-era counterparts. Note that these were actually improved versions of the character designs. The Infamous Original Ones, most infamously Ace Bunny's prototype, "Buzz Bunny," looked terrifying and ended up being changed after backlash from fans.
  7. The Acme weapons that the heroes use are no longer TNT, guns, traps, cannons, etc., and are now just basically generic superhero gadgets.
    • Well, it is a common thing for the superheroes genre and at least they did try something new, but this still ruined the original formula of the original Road Runner shorts.
  8. Forgettable and lackluster soundtrack, especially the theme song from both seasons, as stated above.
  9. The characters' personalities are warped versions of the originals.
  10. Tech E. (Wile E.) Coyote and Rev (Road) Runner are friends even though in the original Looney Tunes, they fight a lot, except on some episodes.
  11. The idea/concept of the Looney Tunes characters being superheroes has already been done before with the TV series Duck Dodgers, which came out two years before this show. Also, Duck Dodgers had some good humor and funny moments and stays true to the original Looney Tunes cartoons, but this show had none of these.
  12. Cringe-worthy and laughable dialogue.
  13. Laughably named locations, like a city that has the name of "Acmetropolis".
  14. It doesn't even stay true to the source material at all to the point where it is far from being an actual Looney Tunes show with a name only, as it's a generic action-packed superhero show.
  15. The second season was supposed to be a MASSIVE improvement but then it turned out to be a let down that wasn’t any better since it shifted from being serious to being completely comedic, similar in vein to Teen Titans Go! but to a much lesser extent.
  16. Some forgettable, unlikeable and mean-spirited characters, mostly from the villains.
    • Zadavia, while a decent character type of leader, is pretty much forgettable. There's no explanation of how her and Loonatics met each other and even formed the superhero team in the first place. Not only that, she also treated Danger Duck very bad for no reason at all.
    • Some of the Acmetroplis citizens in few episodes treated the Loonatics really bad for no reason at all especially before they get their superpowers.
    • For some reason, Pierre Le Pew (Pepe Le Pew's descendant counterpart) and Mr. Leghorn (Foghorn Leghorn's descendant counterpart) are both humans instead of their original counterpart species which doesn't make sense at all.
    • Pinkster Pig (Porky Pig's descendant) and Queen Grannicus (Granny's descendant) are villain and basically the type "twisted villain" cliche character which not make the episode and show look bad but also ruined their original character counterpart.
    • The Royal Tweetums is the worst supporting character than his original counterpart Tweety. In here, he's pretty much a spoiled brat who constantly nagged on Danger Duck, who had to look up on him as his servant and treated him trash throughout the episode. He also caused Danger Duck hurting himself by chasing him when Tweetums escaped from the ship. Not only that but he also trying to hurt and snitch on Sylth Vester (Sylvester's descendant) especially on the final episode of the show. This makes you think that Tweetums looks more like a villain than Sylth Vester himself.
    • Ralph Runner (Rev's father) is pretty much the unlikeable father type character in the show which have a similar vibe to Mr.Buck from Chicken Little. He constantly only cares Rev Runner being his only son that can help him doing his business instead of his another son Rip Runner (Rev's younger brother) by ignoring him all the time until the end of the episode (The Family Business).
    • Misty Breeze is worst and most unlikeable character in the whole show for being so selfish and a meanie to Weather Vane.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the voice acting is good, especially Joe Alaskey.
  2. Despite being unfaithful, the animation is pretty amazing. Especially the improvement in season 2.
  3. There are some good decent episodes such as
    • The Comet Cometh
    • The Menace of Mastermind
    • Acmegeddon Part 1 & 2
    • The Family Business
    • It Came From Outer Space
  4. There is some comedy and funny moments here and there but not that much.
    • The show still has the classic humor and jokes from the Looney Tunes franchise. Especially Ace saying Bugs's notable quote "What's up, Doc?", and Tech falling off the cliff and his invention explodes which also happens to his ancestor Wile E. Coyote in the classic Looney Tunes shorts.
  5. It kinda did have the potential to be a great superhero spin-off despite its poor execution and not being so much of a great idea.
  6. The writing of the episodes did improve in season 2 and introduced most of the original Looney Tunes cast as their descendants, despite how bad some of them are.
  7. Tech (mostly) and Rev (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, Rob Paulsen respectively) are the only likable characters in the team but it depends on your point of view.
    • Weather Vane, Rip Runner and Melvin the Martian (Marvin's descendants) can be likeable too.
  8. The second season's theme song can be a little bit catchy sometimes mostly the instrumental but it depends on your point of view.
  9. Some of the main characters did have character development in season 2 such as Rev (the only character that has a revealed family) and Duck.
  10. The show can be categorized "So bad, it's good" kinda way but it depends on your point of view.


  • The show was referenced in Teen Titans Go!, New Looney Tunes, and Animaniacs (2020), most likely for Warner Bros. Animation to keep jabbing at it due to the failure it had experienced.
  • This was the only Looney Tunes series that does not air on Cartoon Network (outside of Saudi Arabia) and Boomerang for reruns.
  • This was one of the last few series to be executive produced by Sander Schwartz along with Legion of Super Heroes, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! and Tom and Jerry Tales before he resigned in 2007.


When the show was first announced, the redesigns received backlash from fans, so much that petitions were made to stop the show.

President of Warner Bros. Animation Sam Register himself wasn't a fond of the redesigns either, as he referred to them as "a reminder of what not to do".

Upon airing on release, Loonatics Unleashed was not well received by critics, Looney Tunes fans alike and even Warner Bros. themselves and is widely considered to be the worst Looney Tunes spin off show ever made. However, it did gain a cult following among some audiences, with some even claiming season 1 was best and season 2 was a downgrade.



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