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Looking for Trouble (Twipsy: The Animated Series)

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Looking for Trouble (Twipsy: The Animated Series)
Trouble LissieFamily.png
This episode is the most troublesome episode of Twipsy, indeed!
Previous episode: Out, Out, Spot!
Next episode: A Fish Out of Water

Looking for Trouble is an episode of Twipsy, being the 27th episode of the show.


The school guinea pig, Trouble, has been taken home by Lissie. However, he escapes to Cyberspace through the printer.

Bad Qualities

  1. There isn't much plot to the episode, just a "search for missing pet" episode.
  2. Trouble is unlikable because he went to Cyberspace without telling anyone. He also shut down a part of Cyberspace by biting on a wire.
  3. Twipsy, while likable, puts Trouble in a trash can. This is justifiable because he didn't find a cage.
  4. Nick and his mom have no reason to be in this episode.
  5. Nick's dad worries about if Lissie gets expelled. He also teases him about finding his glasses as him finding Trouble, which was very unkind of him.
  6. The Email Snatchers are unlikable as they spread a rumor that the rodent is deadly, and most of the Cyberspace inhabitants believe it, which makes them unlikable too.
  7. Some footage in the episode is recycled from "How It Happened".

Good Qualities

  1. Twipsy, Nick and his mom (despite having no reason to be in this episode), and Lissie are likable.
  2. Good ending: Twipsy catches Trouble, brings him back to the classroom, and Trouble is supposed to have a baby, except that it was another rodent.
  3. Trouble, even though he's unlikable, is cute.


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