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Logan Gets Cut Off (Zoey 101)

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Logan Gets Cut Off (Zoey 101)
Logan Gets Cut Off.jpg
This is why torture episodes on jerks never works.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 23
Air Date: December 9, 2007
Writer: Dan Schneider
Director: Adam Weissman
Previous episode: Miss PCA
Next episode: Goodbye Zoey?

Logan Gets Cut Off is the twenty-third episode in Season 3 and the 49th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The episode aired on December 9, 2007.


Logan is in trouble when his dad discovers that he's purchased a $327,000 car without his permission. That's when Malcolm steps in and takes control. He takes away Logan's valuables, closes his bank account, and cuts his credit card in half. When Zoey, Lola and Chase see that Logan is in desperate need of help without his money, Zoey does Logan's laundry, Lola helps him with his hair, Chase types out his history report, and they all try to teach Logan how to fend for himself with no money. Later, they found that Logan eventually got his money back and was still taking advantage of them. They then figured out a way to get revenge.

Meanwhile, Michael says he can get out of any difficultly tied ropes, so Mark and Quinn tie him up to see what he can do. Does he have the skills he says he has?

Why It Needs To Be Cut Off

  1. This is an infamous 22-minute Michael and Logan torture episode.
    • For Michael, he gets tied up in a chair and is challenged by Quinn.
    • For Logan, he gets grounded throughout the episode by his father Malcolm Reese, and he is forced to get cut off again (though in the first part of the episode, he deserved to be grounded by his father for buying a car without his permission).
  2. The main problem with the episode overall is that Logan getting a car without asking his dad's permission to buy it.
  3. This episode is so mean-spirited. Literally, why did Logan get a car in the first place?
    • Not only that, during the scene where he finds to go wash his clothes, he is also harassed by Zoey, Lola, and Chase (but later stopped until the ending).
  4. None of the characters are likable:
    • Zoey, Chase and Lola are nothing more than just idiots in this episode, whereas they trick Logan too far, and making him poor again, which shows they like to make him miserable.
    • Malcolm Reese, while he had a reason to ground Logan in the first part, is the worst offender because he yells at his son and gets angry with him.
    • Quinn and Mark challenge Michael tied him up with ropes.
  5. This episode is somewhat offensive to many people who are poor or rich, even in reality.
  6. Plot holes:
    • How did Logan get that car in the first place?
    • How was there money in Logan's wallet, and where did it came from?
  7. The episodes has very disturbing/gross-out scenes such as:
    • Quinn's breast expansion in the beginning of the episode is pretty disturbing to look at, even in a kids show.
    • The Logan getting tomato-peeling scene is very disgusting.
  8. This plot would have been avoided if Logan wouldn't buy that car in the first place, and Michael wouldn't have look at that the TV about the "tying a rope in a chair" thing.
  9. Horrible ending: When Malcolm arrives to PCA school, he then again punishes Logan for taking his money, and again cuts him off. On the other hand, Zoey, Lola and Chase thank FireWire (Wayne) for the trick on Logan. For Michael, he was tied up again by Quinn and stands out their calling out Quinn in hopelessness.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Quinn's breast gag is somewhat of another meme in the series.
  2. This teaches a lesson not to spend someone else's money without permission.
  3. At least, Zoey, Lola, and Chase gave back the money to Malcolm Reese.
  4. As mentioned above, Malcolm Reese disciplining his son Logan for buying a car without his permission is reasonable.


  1. At the beginning of this episode when Mark and Michael were watching TV, he mentions that he was watching the Great Doheny, who was the magician on Drake & Josh episode, "The Great Doheny." You also hear him say "Do-three-ny!," which he said in the Drake & Josh episode.


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