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Living La Vida Lumpus (Camp Lazlo)

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Living La Vida Lumpus (Camp Lazlo)
Living La Vida Lumpus.png
An episode where it shows why swapping characters is never a good idea.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 8b
Air Date: July 25, 2007
Writer: Cosmo Segurson
Kim Roberson
Merriwether Williams (story)
Steve Little (story)
Kaz (story)
Director: Russell Calabrese (animation)
Previous episode: Lazlo's First Crush
Next episode: Samson's Mail Fraud

Living La Vida Lumpus is the second half of the eighth episode in the fourth season of Camp Lazlo.


After some convincing from Lumpus, Lazlo starts to dislike Camp Kidney. Lumpus initially likes his new attitude, but when Lazlo becomes too much like Lumpus, Lumpus consults with Raj and Clam to return Lazlo to his delightful, optimistic self.

Why It Sucks

  1. The start is very predictable, as it's just Lumpus getting tired of Lazlo and his friends having fun and saying that he's sick of and hates Camp Kidney. He even has a book on why he hates Camp Kidney and it drags on to the point of making Lazlo bored!
  2. Plot Hole: If there were no activities scheduled for Camp Kidney, why couldn't Lazlo just suggest some to Lumpus instead of copying him?
  3. The plot has been done to death thousands of times in other cartoons/sitcoms/movies and is nothing short of unoriginal.
  4. Lazlo is unlikable here for copying Lumpus' personality instead of suggesting some activities for Camp Kidney as mentioned above and even insults his friends and sleeps beside Lumpus in his bed. He would later become out-of-character in the infamous episode "Samson Needs a Hug".
  5. As mentioned above, it's mostly a torture episode for Lumpus with Lazlo constantly copying him to the point where he sleeps beside him and asks when was the last time he trimmed his toenails. He then went out of his house and went to sleep at Raj and Clam's cabin.
  6. Some bits of gross-out humor here, such as when some of the characters had food on their mouths.
  7. Bad Moral: It's okay to copy someone else.
  8. Half-Bad Ending: Although Lazlo became happy at the end and said he was faking being unhappy the whole time, he never apologized to Lumpus, Raj, Clam or the others for his actions nor does he get called out. And it ends with Lumpus throwing mud at Slinkman.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lumpus, Raj, Clam and all the other characters are still likable - especially the first three for trying to snap Lazlo out of his copying Lumpus phase by playing the activities Lazlo likes despite not working until the end.
  2. Half-Decent Ending: As mentioned above, Lazlo became happy at the end when Lumpus proved that he likes Camp Kidney and said he was faking it the whole time despite it not being good enough.


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