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License to Deliver (Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!)

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License to Deliver (Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!)
License to Suck would be a more appropriate title.
Series: Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 3
Air Date: September 13th 2021 (US) November 10th 2021 (UK)
Writer: Peter Gaffney
Director: Campbell Bryer
Previous episode: "Thomas Blasts Off"
Next episode: "Rules of the Game"


Thomas and Percy play secret agents while delivering a lighthouse bulb to help Percy get over his fear of the dark.

Why It Fails To Deliver

  1. This is yet another rehash episode that rehashes "The Case of the Puzzling Parts" from Season 22 of the original series (Which was already a weak episode) only Thomas and Percy replace Paxton and Sidney's roles.
  2. The title very clearly references the James Bond film "License to Kill" including a lot of shoehorned references that the target audience would not understand.
  3. This episode is responsible for reverting Percy back to his flanderization as he is now a complete coward and is also a complete yes man who goes along with everything Thomas does no matter how stupid or illogical it is.
  4. The entire episode consists of filler of Thomas and Percy pretending to be secret agents and wasting time rather than getting their light bulb delivery over with.
  5. The song Secret Agents is extremely pointless and could just be summed up in a conversation.
  6. James' role is completely pointless in the episode as all he does is say Hello to Thomas and Percy and then leaves.
  7. Cop out ending: The entire time Thomas and Percy mess around playing secret agents they could've used a spotlight Sandy gave to them to get over Percy's fear of the dark meaning the conflict could've been resolved that easily making this whole episode a complete waste of time.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Percy at least gets over his fear in the end.



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