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License To Noob (Supernoobs)

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License To Noob (Supernoobs)
This episode gets a failure license to be on this wiki.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: December 23, 2015 (USA)
Writer: Nathan Knetchel
Director: Rob Boutilier & Jon Izen
Previous episode: Superdoods!
Next episode: Noobot Vs Venabot

"License to Noob" is the eighteenth episode in the first season of Supernoobs.


The Noobs pilot the Galactus into space to get medicine for Mem and Zen’s infected eyes.

Why It Didn't Get Any Licenses

  1. This episode is a Mem and Zen torture episode, as Mem and Zen get the swink eye infection, blinding them both in the process and causing them to accidentally wreck their house. Zen also burns his hand while making tea blind and to top it all off both Mem and Zen are framed by the Noobs for speeding, various vehicle offenses, and assaulting the police, which gets them a book load of tickets and their ship gets destroyed.
  2. The swink eye infection is very disgusting to look at as those infected have green pus coming out of their eyes and their eyes are severely swollen. This draws a lot of comparisons with many SpongeBob episodes from Seasons 608 of that show, and a typical Ren and Stimpy episode. In Zen’s case, we can see pus drip out of his eyes after he takes his eyepatches off to show his infection, which is unacceptable for a kids' show.
  3. The Noobs are unlikable in this episode, especially Kevin as they disobey Mem and Zen’s orders to keep their ship clean and intact, disable the ship’s AI with juice and disable the ship’s auto-drive in the process, then assault the alien police, and frame Mem and Zen for their crimes while getting away with it unpunished.
  4. The way the episode begins is baffling as it shows the Noobs escaping from prison. It is never explained why they got arrested and thrown in jail nor how they escaped.
  5. The plot in which the Noobs have to help an alien Princess is a very bland and lame Star Wars ripoff and only seems to exist just to give the Noobs a hurdle to jump over while getting the swink eye medication.
  6. The villains in this episode don't act villains at all as they mistakenly pressed a button to destroy a planet while trying to get swink eye medication but even then they are not threatening to the Noobs.
  7. Tyler’s suggestion that Mem and Zen make tea is not only an excuse to shoehorn another boring subplot on Mem and Zen that goes nowhere but it does not make any sense whatsoever as tea is more associated with helping with respiratory infections, not eye infections. Such a subplot would have been better suited for an episode like “Fluper Noobs” in which Mem and Zen do get a respiratory infection.
  8. Roach is creepy in this episode as he constantly flirts with Princess Parsa, who is much older than him.
  9. Absolutely terrible moral: It is okay and fun to recklessly drive and disobey the police.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mem and Zen do get cured of their swink eye infection near the end.
  2. Princess Parsa does reject and ignores Roach’s advances toward her.
  3. Mem and Zen were the only tolerable characters in this episode.


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