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Let's go to the Circus (El Chavo Animado)

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Let's go to the Circus (El Chavo Animado)
Great concept, terrible execution.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 49
Air Date: March 21, 2008
Previous episode: Baby Talk
Next episode: The School Olympics

Let's go to the Circus (Vamos al circo in the original) is the episode 23 of the second season of El Chavo Animado.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is the first Don Ramon torture episode of the series.
  2. It seems that all the characters are deaf with Don Ramon, since he says that what he was a tamer was a lie (He didn't say exactly that, but you can get an idea of what he said), but they continue to insist that he act as a tamer.
  3. Doña Florinda as usual is very rude with Don Ramon, as she forces him to accept circus tickets for the neighborhood and then to act as a tamer. Then slapped him for Quico's cotton candy (Although he didn't intentionally take it off).
  4. Some unfunny jokes like:
    • When Quico thinks and says that the sounds from outside are the snoring of Don Ramon (When actually are the circus presentation with elephants sounds).
    • When children mistake Don Ramon for an animal either unintentionally or intentionally.
    • When Don Ramon tries to escape from the circus.
    • When Quico fights with an elephant that wants to steal his cotton candy. What makes it less funny is that they have the appearances of Quico and Doña Florinda, respectively.
    • When the lions take the tamer's place and attack Don Ramon.
  5. The episode has one gross out part where Ñoño smells Don Ramon's armpit and a bad smell comes out.
  6. Although the clowns did it as a joke, there is a part where they scare Don Ramon with guns (That in the end it was water), which is somewhat inappropriate for a children's show.
  7. The episode aged badly, because in later years circuses with animals would begin to be viewed badly by the community, especially animal lovers (And even more so because it's a 2008 episode).
  8. Bad Ending: The circus show is over, but Don Ramon continues with his risky life for the lions and asks Chavo for help, but he says it is better to wait until the lions get tired so he can get him out.

Good Qualities

  1. The beginning is good.
  2. Chavo, Don Ramón, Popis and Ñoño are likable characters and Ñoño is not flanderized like he usually is.
  3. The concept about Chavo going to the circus, although it still doesn't match El Chavo del Ocho's original style of humor, is interesing.
  4. To be fair, this is one of the few times that Doña Florinda is right next to Don Ramon. Well, the circus man was good enough to offer him circus tickets instead of money because he forgot it.
  5. It also has some funny jokes like:
    • When Don Ramon tries to get the car to start.
    • When three balls fall on Don Ramon's head.
    • When the mom elephant attacks Don Ramon for pulling the baby elephant's tail.
    • When Quico gets stuck in cotton candy and is "eaten" by a giraffe.
    • When Ñoño plays a prank on Popis and steals her popcorn.
    • When Chavo says at the circus man "No le gusta que vean que el pobre parece alambre retorcido".


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