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Les p'tits diables

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Les p'tits diables
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You thought we had reached the bottom in terms of books torn page by page and then burned with flamethrowers by screenwriters hungry for money? You haven't seen the worst of them all yet!
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 12 min
Country: France
Release Date: April 2, 2011 - February 4, 2022
Network(s): Canal+ Kids
M6 (M6 Kid)
TV5 Monde
Canal J
Created by: Olivier Dutto
Distributed by: Futurikon
Starring: Sauvane Delanoë
Audrey Sablé
Barbara Tissier
Emmanuel Garijo
Martial Le Minoux
Dorothée Pousséo
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 156

Les P'tits Diables (Sweet Little Monsters) is a French cartoon adapted from Olivier Dutto's comic book series produced by Futurikon and directed by Marc Boréal. In France, it is initially broadcast on the ​​television channel M6 in the program M6 ​​Kid. Then it's broadcasted on Canal+ Kids, TV5 Monde, Canal J, and Télétoon+. It was broadcast on April 2, 2011, in Quebec, on Télé-Québec.


Tom and Nina engage in typical brother-sister warfare, much to the dismay of their parents and their house cat, Grippy.

Why It Was a Horrible Warfare

  1. Atrocious understanding of source material: Like Les Légendaires, Trolls de Troy, Titeuf (season 4), Lanfeust Quest, Les Sisters, Le monde selon Kev and the 2016 reboot of Boule et Bill, the series is unfaithful to comics.
  2. Also just to get the elephant out of the room: The idea of ​​making a cartoon centered around this comic was bad, from the start, because it's a comic of torture and pettiness.
  3. It's an even more terrible French version of Kid vs. Kat with Tom being Kid (Coop) and Nina being Kat.
  4. Generic and really terrible flash animation which is even worse than other French shows like Boyster, Dude that's my Ghost, Kid Paddle, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (depending on your point of view is not bad but has its flaws), The Minimighty Kids, Eliot Kid, Trolls de Troy, Le monde selon Kev, Les Sisters, Anatole Latuile, Sally Bollywood: Super Detective, Famous 5: On The Case, My Life Me, Me at Your Age, Nate is Late, Furiki Wheels, K3 or even ToonMarty.
    • Worse still, besides being bad, this animation is full of animation errors. In one episode, we can see Nina on a barefoot deckchair, except that, a few moments later, she has her shoes on.
  5. According to your point of view, the characters' design, although it respects the comic style, is hideous due to the mouth, which takes up almost half of the face.
  6. The credits of seasons 2 and 3 have a horrible musical theme.
  7. Of course, the main characters have been complete flanderized:
    • Tom went from being a dumb but likable boy to a huge unlovable idiot and a "Butt-Monkey" who gets tortured all the time by being punished by his sister unfairly as if the writers hated him and wanted him to suffer through all means.
    • Nina (the worst of them all) has gone from the mean but likable girl to a big, unkind and hypocritical bitch who is despicable to her brother by having him punished unjustly with no redemption and always getting away with her actions unscathed. Making herself the worst example of Karma Houdini ever in animation.
    • The Parents (especially the mother) have gone from good parent educators to people even worse than Caillou's parents in terms of education who only believe Nina by unfairly punishing Tom.
  8. In fact, the big problem with the show is that the characters are almost all generic, stereotyped, and unfriendly.
    • Tom, even though he is likable, is a huge Butt-Monkey completely abused by the writers and written as a punished idiot even though he did nothing wrong.
      • Worse still, he only believes his sister who is manipulating him, and he often realizes this at the end of some episodes but in the next episode, he unknowingly reacts again and is unfairly punished again.
      • Worse still, he acts like a complete idiot even though his sister doesn't manipulate him, which goes to show is poorly written it is.
    • Nina is the big sister but above all a huge bitch (sorry for the insult), selfish, cruel, manipulative, and probably the worst character in the series, who completely horrible and despicable.
      • In the majority of episodes she is at her worst manipulating her brother.
        • For example, in the episode "The Secret Tattoo", she makes her brother believe that she got a tattoo and that she risks being punished and uses this excuse to torture her brother unfairly.
        • In the episode "The Invisible Alien" she manipulates her brother into believing that she is invisible and that she going to invade the Earth and succeeds in having him punished for free.
      • Worse still, the show describes her as a Mary Sue and the "smart, perfect girl".
    • Cousin Francis is described as a Gary-Stu, but above all, he is also a huge Karma Houdini who unfairly tortures Tom and Nina.
      • In fact, in the 2 episodes where he appeared he showed his cruel side like:
        • Threatening his 2 cousins ​​and blackmailing them.
        • Manipulate Tom by stealing toys so that he takes them back, and then when the mother arrives, make her believe that Tom is going to give her all his toys.
        • Calling Nina tons of times to bring her the remote while the remote is next to him.
        • Send a letter to his aunt to reveal where his cousins ​​hid the items they broke.
    • Nina's best friends, Agnes and Solange are nothing but Nina's allies and are also there to punish Tom for free.
  9. The majority of episodes are just Nina's gruesome plans to get her brother punished.
    • Admittedly, it's one of the gags found in comics, but there are other gags they could use.
  10. The writing of this cartoon is abysmal and horrible because the episodes often only adapt the gags seen in the comic.
    • Even though, the majority of comic book adaptations also do this, they execute it well because the gag lasts several pages but is not there, but the running gags only last one page over a 12-minute episode.
  11. On top of that, the show tries to be hip and cool for young audiences like, for example, an episode about "selfies".
  12. Unlike other bad shows than got better with the seasons, this one got worse and worse, becoming even more horrible and nasty.
  13. Lots of horrible episodes like The Invisible Alien or Skiing with Francis.
  14. The show is even worse than Sidekick or Boyster in terms of gratuitous wickedness.
  15. Not funny humor unless you find the wickedness gratuitous funny.
  16. There's a lot of unfunny toilet humor in this cartoon.
  17. Worse yet, this cartoon contains some of the worst morals like:
    • If you love your brother, punish him for free.
    • Blackmail a person.
  18. Worse still, given how often the cartoon treats boys like idiots always punished, this show can become completely represent sexist, feminist, and misandrist.
  19. Quantity over quality: Similar to Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks, it lasted too long despite all the flaws with a total of 11 years, 4 seasons, and 156 episodes with tons of horrible moments, which shows that M6 and Teletoon+ are blind to criticism.
  20. Worse still, the majority of the cartoon's fans can't stand the criticism and use the excuse "that's the point of the comics" to try to explain the reason why Nina is so despicable in this cartoon.
  21. Overall, it's a horrible show which is not funny and lacks respect for the source material.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Excellent French dubbing, as usual.
  2. The flash animation respects at least the style of the comics.
  3. Some nice characters like Grippy or Kafard.
  4. The credits of season 1 remain catchy.
  5. The first 2 seasons remain better than what to follow after.
  6. Some fans of the book may enjoy the cartoon.
  7. Sometimes there are some funny and funny moments.


Les P'tits Diables received a mixed-to-negative reception, and it holds a 4.5/10 on Senscritique, but it has gained a cult following.


  • The show does not exist on IMDb as it has no page.



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