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Leo & Layla's History Adventures

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Leo & Layla's History Adventures
Leo and Layla's History Adventures.png
Did you know this was made by PragerU who is also a terrible youtube channel?
Genre: Educational
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: May 18, 2021 – present
Distributed by: YouTube Kids

Leo & Layla's History Adventures is a YouTube Kids Series for 3rd graders. The main characters are two kids who learn about America with a time travel app. It is for conservative families and the character designs are good. Unfortunately, the creators were a little too conservative with the animation quality, making it look very creepy, robotic, and stilted.

Why it Sucks

  1. The animation is so low-budget that the characters look like robots. For blinking, there are just two frames of the eyes closed and eyes open.
  2. The plots are unbelievable and make no sense. In the first episode, Leo is randomly tearing down someone else's fence just so he can talk about the Berlin Wall.
  3. Historical events are simplified so much that they don't teach anything. Unlike good American history shows like Liberty's Kids, it doesn't seem like there was much research put into this show.
  4. The dialogue is unnatural. Layla says statistics like "He starred in over 50 movies" which just sounds like she's reading off of a Wikipedia page. Which Wikipedia can be unreliable due to vandals.
  5. The awful voice acting sounds like it was recorded by the animators' kids.
  6. They make Layla talk with stereotypical teen slang like "Totally" and "Well duh".
  7. The main characters' colors are a little unoriginal and lazy (pink for the girl and blue for the boy).
  8. There aren't many web shows that are for conservative kids, so having this one be so unbearably bad is even more disappointing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When they're not moving like robots, the character designs are good and look like they are from a nice picture book.
  2. The morals are supposed to be positive.
  3. It does show some good historical role models.


The show holds a 1.3/10 on IMDb.



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