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Larva (season 1-3)

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Larva (season 1-3)
Larva Logo.jpg
Who has ever thought combining Ren and Stimpy and A Bug's Life was a bad idea?
Genre: Comedy
Surreal Humor
Running Time: 2-7 minutes
Country: South Korea
Release Date: March 26, 2011 – March 2019
Network(s): KBS 1TV (Season 1)
KBS 2TV (Season 2)
JEI TV (Season 3)
Netflix (Season 4)
RCTI (Indonesia)
Created by: TUBAn Co., Ltd
Distributed by: Synergy Media
Imira Entertainment (Latin America)
Starring: Bum-ki Hong
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 288

Larva (also known as Larvae) is a computer-animated television series made by TUBA Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. This cartoon shows two larvae as its main characters. The first season premiered on KBS 1TV, the second season premiered on KBS 2TV, the third season premiered on JEI TV, and the spin-off called "Larva Island" premiered on Netflix.

Bad Qualities

  1. The first few episodes had terrible-looking visuals, which made it look like an Xbox cutscene.
    • Also, the character designs for Red and Yellow don't look a lot like actual larvae, for instance, Yellow looks more like a slug with stripes than a larva.
  2. Immature potty humor and childish humor. First off, constant fart jokes and a bunch of gross-out humor. A few episodes in the first 3 seasons focused only on farts. Secondly, Yellow is often the cause of gross-out humor because of his burping, farting, and expelling a lot of body fluids like snot for example. And thirdly, a character known as Brown is a dung beetle, and he carries poop everywhere he goes with him. A season 2 episode had him eat it, and another episode revealed it made his breath typically stink. It’s still understandable since he is a dung beetle after all, but still, the humor can be extremely immature and predictably so.
  3. With that said, most of the running gags can get very tedious such as Red slapping Yellow with his butt because of Yellow's stupidity being a prime example.
  4. Episodes that range from decent and mediocre at best to having terrible episodes at worst such as "Snoring", "Yellow-Terminator", "Airform", "Aquarium", "Strange Berries", "Flower Farts", "Gum farts", "The Chaser", and "Once upon a time"; those being the biggest examples of straight-up bad episodes.
    • Most of the bad episodes which at first can be good end horribly, like "Snoring".
  5. Some episodes are considered filler, such as Yellow singing after Red steals his food.
  6. Also, some episodes of Season 1 focus on butt-shoving objects in the larvae's butts. Which is very lowbrow.
    • The episode "Once upon a time" that featured the titular larvae duo as infants (which was an outdated trope of making the main characters younger) is the most cringe-worthy episode in the entire series.
  7. While it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it tends to jump the shark a lot at the end of every season as the Larva goes to different places (ex. Season 2 is a house, Season 3 in New York, and Season 4 is an island).
  8. The noises most characters make have an irritating pitch to them, especially Red's screaming being the biggest offender.
  9. Several cartoony stock sound effects can grate on the nerves when they're reused, even if there are decent ones.
  10. New characters from Season 2 and 3 are pointless since they usually never appear again after both seasons ended.
  11. Yellow's depressed designs (while creative) and Brown's design can come off as disturbing for younger audiences.
    • The humans that make full-on appearances in rare episodes can range from cute like the girl on the plane in the Season 1 episode "Wild Wild World", to downright ugly. The more subpar human designs are better shown in the episodes is the antagonist from "Insect Killer 1" and the man on the toilet specifically from Season 2's "Wild Wild Wild World".
  12. Red and Yellow (mostly Red) are massive Butt-Monkeys that constantly get tormented by Black (the brute of season 1) and the accident-prone/ill-fated nature around them, all for zany slapstick humor. At least they aren’t as much of a punching bag as Meg from Family Guy or other characters that seem to relate because of how it's presented (like if Red or Yellow did deserve the abuse they get for something they did that was wrong which understandably provoked another, or if it was for absolutely no reason; Black or other enemies inflicting pain onto the duo unprovoked because of mild accidents are a prime example of this).
    • Despite the duo being decent/average characters with redeeming qualities; Red can be very obnoxious, selfish, rude, mean-spirited, and arrogant with his discourtesy and his short-temperedness in a rather unlikeable way at times, and Yellow can be very inane, gluttonous, juvenile, troublemaking sometimes, and quite the idiot most of the time.
    • Fortunately, for every violent & short-tempered thing Black has done before. He does become nicer towards the protagonists as the series progresses, especially toward Yellow.
    • Mite, while cute-looking, is a one-off character in Season 2 who is nothing more than a whining murderer.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation has improved since Season 2. Even before this in Season 1, after the first few pilot episodes had video-game-looking cutscenes, the animation did look better as of the episode "Straw"; where every other episode from this season is well-rendered.
  2. The music is usually pretty nice and/or catchy to listen to.
  3. As of Season 2, the idea of two small insects exploring New York city can sound cliché, but episodes like the season finales manage to bring some visually overwhelming climaxes like Red and Yellow trying to avoid a wrecking ball.
  4. Larva Island, a spin-off of the show, was a massive improvement over this show.
    • Even though it's still not good, Season 3 can be considered as either a mediocre season in itself or a decent improvement of the show, since it gives character development in some episodes, but it also features fewer episodes based on toilet humor (even though the farting jokes are still constant).
  5. The show features some very heart-warming and touching episodes, including:
    • Chick
    • Love love love
    • Tomato
    • Mayfly
    • Ice (Season 2)
    • Hide and Seek (Season 2)
    • A day in the life of Larva (Mini-clip ending)
    • Pit-a-pat (despite the fact in the second part the two larvae don't appear)
    • New friend (The most significant out of all of them)
    • As time goes by (Which ended Season 3 on a good note)
  6. With that said, some episodes can be enjoyable whether it is amusingly surreal like the "Bobsleigh" episode from Season 3 or if it's just a decent episode with something to enjoy (or like) about it, a good example of this being "Bug Bomb" (Season 2).
  7. The show at least can be decent with its humor and writing at times. For instance, the slapstick and surreal humor (or intentional humor) can range from being comedic to the point of being really funny and entertaining at times.
    • There are also some decently made plots in most episodes.
  8. The characters can be likable, personality-wise (like the titular duo) despite most of the voice clips.
    • Also, despite those voice clips that usually have an irritating pitch. There are times, depending on your view, where some of the voices can sound quite amusing and/or humorous (e.g Yellow's goofy yells & sounds he makes for example).
    • On Netflix and YouTube (the latter especially), some of the annoying sound bites or sound effects from the original episodes seem to be cut off and replaced with more tolerable sound effects as a bonus. (e.g Season 1)
  9. Passable character designs, except for Brown's design and Yellow's greenish design with expressing sadness.
  10. The mere concept with the titular larvae (along with other characters like Pink/etc) using their tongues as hands and arms is pretty creative.
  11. The show was at least an attempt for Tuba Entertainment to make their company more successful (even for its cheesy and/or harmless ways of reuploading countless episodes as complications on YouTube).


  • The 3 seasons were also aired on Cartoon Network.
  • It spawned tons of obscure mobile games, including "Larva Heroes", a tower defense RPG called which rips the most well-known soundtrack directly from the first two seasons of the show, with graphics which look surprisingly accurate and a completely different plot than the show itself.


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