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La Niña Sicario (La Rosa de Guadalupe)

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La Niña Sicario (La Rosa de Guadalupe)
It’s no surprise that a really bad show has it’s worst episode ever.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 68
Air Date: July 27, 2011
Writer: Carlos Mercado Orduña
Director: Eduardo Said
Previous episode: Sin Papás en Casa
Next episode: Cosplay, Salvemos al Mundo

La Niña Sicario (English: Hitman Child) is an episode from the Mexican TV soap opera "La Rosa de Guadalupe". This episode is infamous for being by far one of the worst episodes of the series.


Some detectives come across a case dealing with two principal things: Sexual harassment and kidnapping. They find three girls. Two of which were violated, and one was a hitman.

Why It Sucks

  1. They ripped off the American TV franchise Law and Order.
  2. One of the girls doesn't have an important history, which is considered filler.
  3. Plot holes: One example includes one of the girls that got raped first without an explanation.
  4. Horrendous acting. (Especially on the behalf of the girl who's the hitman). One baffling scene is where the actor for the other girl smiles after the girl who’s the hitman says she’s going to kill her. Yeah.
  5. The plot is extremely disturbing for the main audience.
  6. What makes things worse, is that this "episode" was actually based on a real story.



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