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La Familia del Barrio

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La Familia del barrio
It seems like a Mexico version of The Nutshack.
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: Mexico
Release Date: May 5, 2013
Network(s): MTV
Created by: Teco Lebrija
Arturo Navarro
Distributed by: MTV Distribución internacional
Starring: Teco Lebrija
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 94

La Familia del Barrio (roughly translated as The Neighborhood Family) is a Mexican adult animated television series created by Teco Lebrija and Arturo Navarro for MTV television. It characterized by satirizing Latin American society, current affairs and culture with black humor through the surreal stories and situations that happen to its protagonists. It was first broadcast by the YouTube platform until in May 2013 it reached television on MTV.


The protagonists are a family of five members: Gaspar, his son Jonathan, Jonathan's grandfather, Noruego, and his son Olaf wholives in the housing unit called "El Pino" in Mexico City and focuses on in the lives of the protagonists and their neighbor Peluzin.

Por qué Apesta (Why It Sucks)

  1. Bad, unappealing, and lazy flash animation, with the characters moviments being very slow and in some moments, their mouths don't sync up with the audio.
    • In many cases they recycle the same backgrounds over and over again.
    • As understood the creators admitted that they do not want to compete in animation if not in humor, which isn't better.
  2. Terrible humor that only consists of toilet humor, sexual humor and excessive use of rudeness. Making the series seem more like it was made for immature pre-teens than adults.
    • The sexual humor is seen throughout the series and instead of being funny it is disgusting and annoying, the common joke is the joke about Gaspar's sister being obesessed with Abuelo.
    • The toilet humor is much worse, since in itself the images are more graphic and disgusting to look at.
    • The rudeness, while this is the most "justifiable", the show is full of it, looking like an average NEGAS video but with twice as rudeness. Making the excessive use of rudeness go from being funny to just plain frustrating and tiring.
      • It doesn't justify the fact that it's a show for adults, in a decent program for adults the rudeness are used only as a complement to the jokes. But in this show, rudeness is 90% of the show writing.
  3. Annoying voice acting that are only distorted by Teco Lebrija, although in South Park the voice acting is decent considering that the creators did almost all the voices, but here looks horrible due to the characters having extremely forced voices.
  4. Ugly and atrocious character designs that look like something from a outdated point and click PC game.
  5. Unlikeable characters and few charismatics.
    • "El Abuelo" (César del Barrio) is a very disgusting, unrelatable, and unlikable protagonist since he only enjoys torturing people, forcing his underage great grandson to masturbate and he even rejoiced the death of your child for having sex with a hyena!
    • "El Noruego" is a terrible friend for Gaspar, since he is ungrateful, hypocritical and shameless with him.
      • Taking "Largate" as an example, I steal his savings on the pretext that he would achieve the American dream after he was kicked out of his apartment, which he did not.
    • "Peluzin" is a very annoying character since in most cases, he gets Gaspar and his family in trouble and receives no consequences for his actions.
    • Olaf (The son of "El Noruego") is nothing but a childish and more nastier version than his father.
      • Needless to say, the character was only created to get more ranking for the show which didn't work out.
    • Gaspar and Jhonatan although they are tolerable characters, they are one-dimensional and not very charismatic.
  6. They had a bad crossover with "Acapulco Shore", which only serves to promote the program that is already mediocre in itself.
  7. The series is too mean with Gaspar, since he has to deal with multiple tortures by the Abuelo and Noruego.
  8. Social criticism ages quickly, and some are poorly executed.
    • The most common criticism of the show is of prostitution, however, it is executed terribly poorly and seems more like an attempt to support it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some characters are nice like Gaspar, Jhonatan, Don Sebas, Pitipu and even El Noruego, Although he is an unpleasant character, he is the only character that shows more than one personality and from time to time you can sympathize with him.
  2. A Familia Do Zaralho, the Brazilian dub of the series, is much better and funnier than the original Mexican dub.
  3. The web series while still not amazing, isn't so horrendous to watch as the television series.
  4. The backgrounds designs are decent.



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