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The CQ hasn't started yet (And it's never going to start)
Genre: Teen sitcom
Running Time: 22–23 minutes
Country: México
Release Date: August, 6, 2012
Network(s): Cartoon Network Latin America
Created by: Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo
Distributed by: Televisa
Starring: Emiliano Flores
Ale Müller
Harold Azuara
Benny Emmanuel
Fernanda Urdapilleta
Ferny Graciano
Jocelín Zuckerman
Luis Fernando Ceballos
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 100

La CQ is a Mexican television series created by Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo that aired from August 6, 2012, to March 1, 2014. It was recorded at RCTV Studios in Caracas, Venezuela, and co-produced by Televisa and Cartoon Network Latin America.

Por qué la CQ nunca comenzará (Why The CQ Will Never Start)

  1. The series is supposed to be set in Mexico, but the school and the characters go to seems more like an American school.
    • Also, students do not wear a uniform.
  2. The main characters have a Mexican accent while supporting characters and extras have a noticeable Venezuelan accent and don't even bother to hide it.
  3. The main characters are generic stereotypes of high school students:
    • Ángel del Río is the handsome and popular guy who likes sports.
    • Clara Licona is the cute girl and the new one at school.
    • Ramón “Monche” Barragán is the silly boy who always makes the most jokes.
    • Roberto "Beto" Bautista is the typical black nerd with glasses.
    • Maria Juana "Jenny" Pinto del Rostro is the popular bad girl who is also the captain of the cheerleading team.
    • Daniela "Danny" Pinto del Rostro is the popular girl's best friend and slave.
    • Adriana "Adri" del Río is a tomboy girl who loves wrestling.
    • "Roque" Villalón Pérez is the typical bully of the school.
  4. Clara is one of the worst characters: Despite being described as the nice girl, compared to Jenny, she has a pedantic and unfriendly character.
  5. Monche is exaggeratedly dumb and he only serves as comic relief. In all his appearances he only knows how to tell bad jokes and clown around.
  6. Jenny is described as a popular girl, but no one at school pays attention to her.
  7. The school's principal and Jenny's father, Osvaldo Baldomero Pinto, do not seem to be serious people and fit to be a principal. He is also another comic relief.
    • The science teacher and Eleuterio, the school janitor are other examples of comic relief.
  8. Bad and unfunny jokes.
  9. All the characters have bad acting.
  10. Repetitive background music.
  11. In 2012, the cast of the show made an anti-bullying commercial as part of a campaign carried out by Cartoon Network Latin America. What does that have to do to be considered a bad quality? Well, ironically, most of the jokes on the show consist of teasing and bullying. Hypocrisy Much?
  12. The series has a lot of repetitive running gags like:
    • Ángel talking about soccer and conquering girls.
    • Ángel and Clara flirting.
    • Jenny and Danny annoy the other characters with the "Hola loser" joke and make fun of Adri and Clara.
    • Beto farting, being nerdy, and flirting with Danny.
    • Monche saying stupid things.
    • Roque harasses the other students.
    • The school principal talking and telling bad jokes over the speakers. Also, in all his appearances his face is never seen.
  13. Also, some characters have certain rather ridiculous gestures and expressions:
    • Monche pulls a lock of hair when he tells a bad joke or makes a stupid thing and makes slime bubbles when he's bored.
    • Ángel doing his "super charming look" to conquer girls and calling them "chiquibaby".
    • Jenny says "Focus" to Danny when she says something silly or disagrees with something.
  14. They abuse the jokes of falling, hitting, bullying, and farting.
  15. In the first episodes, when Harold Azuara played Monche, he used his normal voice, but later on, he began to use an annoying and forced child's voice.
  16. The scenography is low budget. It is quite noticeable that they use the same sets for each place in the school, especially the cafeteria and gym, and when trying to simulate different hallways.
    • Also, the hallway set is too fake.
    • The restroom set doesn't even match its exterior. Even in some episodes, you can notice two doors on the sides through the windows.
    • The only sets that do match their exteriors are the classroom set (also used for the science lab) and the nursing set (also used for the principal's office).
    • In the episode "La Novia de Ángel", the characters are auditioning for a school play in what was supposed to be the "theater classroom", but was actually nothing more than the gym set with a stage and curtains.
  17. The backgrounds seen through the cafeteria and classroom windows, and at the main entrance of the school are stock images that you can find online.
    • Another example of the use of stock images is at the end of the episode "El Retiro de Miss Mago".
    • In the episode "Adri Adicta a los Videojuegos" in a scene where Adri is hallucinating, you can see poorly edited and distorted PNG images of the game New Super Mario Bros. as a Goomba and a Warp Pipe.
  18. Despite being a high school, the scenery makes it look like an elementary school.
  19. There is nothing wrong with the school used in the exterior shots, except for a notoriously wide space where the front door is supposed to be.
    • This is because footage from a Latin American school was used. At least they should have looked for a school whose structure was more like an American school.
  20. The show is full of bad special effects and laugh tracks.
    • In the episode "El Cómic de Ángel", there are shots that show the exterior of the school pretending that it is dusk. They just apply a filter to lower the brightness.
  21. It is a live-action show broadcast by Cartoon Network.
  22. The episodes have meaningless and unoriginal plots.
    • In one episode they made a poor parody of El Chavo del Ocho.
    • Some episodes also have fanciful plots like "Mundo Paralelo", "La Visita de Santa en La CQ" and "El Mago Usurero".
    • Many plots that have been seen before in other shows about high schools, like science projects, talent shows, theater plays, sports games, and class president elections.
  23. Many plots are recycled from other series:
    • The plot of the episode "Cambio de Cuerpos" is the same as that of an episode of "Una Familia de Diez", another series created by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo.
    • The episode "Miss Suplente" is a rip-off of the episode "No Substitute For Crazy!" from The Fairly OddParents.
    • The series also copies many clichés from Nickelodeon shows created by Dan Schneider, including feet scenes.
  24. The show is plagiarism of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
    • Ángel is like Ned Bigby.
    • Clara is like Moze.
    • Beto is like Cookie.
    • Monche is like Coconut Head.
    • Roque is like Billy Loomer.
  25. The school is called "Constantino Quijano", but it is never explained who he is.
  26. Similarly to some of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange's spooky episodes, there's a really disturbing Halloween-themed episode where one of the characters gets sucked into a cursed locker, and when he reappears, a sequence similar to that of The Ring films plays, which can be extremely scary for children.
  27. In 2013-2014 there was a live show titled "La CQ: El Musical". It is obvious that they wanted to copy from High School Musical.
  28. There's a bunch of self-promotion for some of CN's original shows, which can get annoying quickly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The theme song is okay.
  2. When it was recorded in Venezuela, some well-known actors from that country such as Rafael Monsalve, Antonio Delli, and Carlos Arraiz participated.


The series received criticism since its launch. Audiences and critics criticized the plot of the episodes, the poor performances, the effects, and the humor, considered as very simple. It is also criticized by Hispanics that the design of the school is completely similar to American schools, although the series is set in Mexico. The series is considered by many to be a very bad series and too childish. Monche's humor is considered very simplistic and boring, and also criticizes the excessive use of laugh track.


  • La CQ is a pun between "Secu" (abbreviation for "secundaria") and the initials of "Constantino Quijano" (the school's name).