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LJN Games (Angry Video Game Nerd)

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LJN Games (Angry Video Game Nerd)
The episode we've all been waiting for... turns out to be nothing but excessive natter. What a shitload of a HUGE disapointment!
Genre: Review
Running Time: 25:18 (Part 1)
25:15 (Part 2)
26:57 (Part 3)
Country: USA
Release Date: Dec 8, 2021 (Part 1)
Dec 10, 2021 (Part 2)
Dec 21, 2021 (Part 3)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: James Rolfe
Distributed by: Screenwave Media
Starring: James Rolfe

LJN Games is the 200th episode of the webseries Angry Video Game Nerd. It was split into three parts and uploaded from Dec 8-21, 2021.


The Nerd talks about the history of LJN before going through the remainder of the LJN library, starting with the movie based games. Along the way, he becomes the new owner of the company and hires Sam Beddoes to help make an improved version of Back to the Future on NES. Along the way, the Nerd is confronted by an alternate version of himself.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode itself looks rushed as if no love or care was put into the episode. No fanfare or even an appearance from older characters. Hell, not even an appearance of ROB The Robot, the main villain from the 100th episode!
  2. Having the whole "game remake" subplot was not needed, and could've been its own separate entity all together.
  3. Majority of the episode is filled to the brim with stock footage of previous episodes, which makes the episode a clip show of sorts.
  4. When the Nerd talks about one LJN game appearing on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (that being the Incredible Crash Test Dummies), he neglects to mention Flying Edge, its equivalent label that Acclaim (the parent company of LJN) used on many of their releases on Sega consoles.

Good Qualities

  1. It was nice to see The Nerd finally make it to his 200th episode, even if it did take way too long to come out.
  2. The appearance of Sam Beddoes was cool and interesting.
  3. The following episode, "The Last Ninja", was a huge improvement over this episode.


The reception was mixed.



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