Kung Fu Bunny

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Kung Fu Bunny
Kung fu bunny.jpg
Tom and Jerry, but communist!
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6–7 Minutes
Country: China
Release Date: 2005 (Pilot)
Network(s): YouTube
(other Chinese streaming websites)
Created by: JJJOY Animation Studios
Distributed by: Communication University of China
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 22

Kung Fu Bunny (Chinese: 功夫兔与菜包狗) is a Chinese animated comedy web series created by JJJOY Animation Studios and distributed by the Communication University of China.


A young Cartoonist at home creates on paper a smart rebel Bunny and a smug loyal Doggy. Capturing the Bunny then becomes the Cartoonist's and the Doggy's impossible mission in life that goes on and on, chasing through books, fighting mental monsters, joining aliens, controlling giants, failure after failure. The arena is set for kung fu extravaganzas and witty creative adventures!

Bad Qualities

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, this show is a kung fu ripoff of Tom and Jerry. Kung Fu Bunny represents Jerry, and Choy Bao Doggy represents Tom.
  2. Overuse of low quality sound effects.
  3. Vincent is a very unlikeable character since he treats Choy Bao Doggy as his slave.
  4. Most of the characters are unlikeable.
  5. Terrible stop motion and bad motion blur.
  6. The pilot episode is poorly animated.
    1. Debatable, considering most pilot episodes are poorly animated.
  7. Choy Bao Doggy's screaming can be annoying.
  8. The pilot episode uses copyrighted music without the owners permission.
  9. Poorly-written episodes.
  10. The pilot episode has product placement from Coca-Cola.

Good Qualities

  1. Season 2 could be an improvement.
  2. Okay animation.
  3. Some likable characters, such as the bunny from "Hunny Bunny".
  4. The music isn’t so bad.
  5. Most of the character designs are cute. Key word is: most of them.


  • Vincent never showed his face in the current series, but he showed it in the pilot episodes.

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7 months ago
Score 1
Kung Fu Bunny sounds like a Kung Fu Panda knockoff. In fact, there actually does exist a film called Kung Fu Bunny, but it's unrelated to this.


one month ago
Score 0
I agree lol.


3 months ago
Score 1
This show had been ended in 2020 as due to of COVID-19!

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