Kong for a Day (Donkey Kong Country)

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Kong for a Day (Donkey Kong Country)
Poor Donkey Kong. Now we know whatever happened to the king of Kongo Island.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: September 20, 1998
Writer: Nadine van der Velde
Director: Mike Fallows
Previous episode: Booty and the Beast
Next episode: Raiders of the Lost Banana

"Kong for a Day" is fifth episode of Donkey Kong Country.


Donkey Kong is yelled at by his furious friends because of King K. Rool's trickery and is banished to the White Mountains. Because of this, Diddy Kong takes his place as the future ruler.

Why It Should Be Banished To The White Mountains

  1. In this episode, everyone (except Donkey Kong, Bluster Kong, King K. Rool, and his Kritters) are flanderized into gullible idiots.
  2. It's a pretty harsh Donkey Kong torture episode.
  3. Donkey Kong's friends (except Bluster Kong because he was never Donkey Kong's friend, to begin with) are very unlikeable in this episode because they accuse Donkey Kong of things that K. Rool did it.
    • When Candy slipped on a Banana peel, she thinks Donkey Kong left it on the ground, even though it was K. Rool who did it (Come On K. Rool! That's the laziest frame-up ever, that would never work in real life). This caused Candy to call off their date.
    • When Funky Kong lets Donkey Kong use his surfboard, K. Rool and Krusha steal it and Donkey Kong is shocked. DK tried to tell Funky what happened, but Funky thinks he's making up excuses (That's not even how an excuse works!). This caused Funky to ask "How are you gonna be future ruler, dude, if ya can't even tell the truth when ya wipe out?". Yes, he was telling the truth.
    • Krusha does an impression of Donkey hitting on Dixie, and you know what else? She fell for it! She thinks DK is stealing Dixie from Diddy, she didn't even see Donkey Kong's mouth and even Donkey Kong said he didn't say anything, but she never listened, which caused Dixie to storm off to tell Diddy and asked DK "How are you gonna be a future ruler if you can't even be trusted?"
      • Even Diddy is furious at DK for stealing his girlfriend and asked the same question that Dixie said. Donkey Kong told him that he didn't say that he wanted Dixie, but he never listened, which caused Diddy to end his friendship with DK.
    • Klump and the Kritters shot Klaptraps to eat the roof and walls of Cranky's treehouse, and Klump dropped a banana peel on the floor so Cranky would think DK did it. You know what else? It worked! He thinks Donkey Kong did it, even Diddy thinks it's pretty obvious that Donkey Kong did it! How is that obvious?! Come On, Diddy and Cranky! You're better than that! You would know better than to know Donkey Kong didn't do it! It's half-eaten! Donkey Kong doesn't make half-eaten Bananas! (Even Donkey Kong told them). This caused Donkey to be stripped from his place as future ruler and replaced by Diddy, as for Donkey Kong, he is banished to the White Mountains.
    • To make matters worse, none of the Kongs (including DK himself) never find out King K. Rool's plan, because of this they never apologize to Donkey Kong for accusing him of things that he didn't do.
  4. King K. Rool, despite showing how competent he is as a villain, is a little unlikable in this episode, as he succeeds to complete his plan of framing Donkey Kong without getting any comeuppance for his actions, showing how this is the only episode that makes him a Karma Houdini.
  5. Major plothole: why did the Crystal Coconut choose Diddy for the future ruler instead of Donkey Kong? It does know that DK is innocent and did not do anything wrong. If that's not enough for you? How about this, The coconut serves as a crystal ball for scrying, But if it can warn Cranky about K. Rool's plans on taking over Kongo Bongo, then why didn't it warn Cranky about K. Rool's plan about framing Donkey Kong?!
  6. The infamous scene where Dixie's eyes grow big when Krusha said "C'mon! Put a lip lock on me, Dixie! That chump-chimp Diddy will never know."
  7. The title and its title card are misleading, some people might think that the episode is gonna center around Diddy and become ruler for a day instead of DK, but instead the episode centers around DK to get framed for things he didn't do.
    • It was likely that the English dub intended to make a pun out of the phrase "gone for a day" and/or "king for a day" without realizing the implications it would cause.
  8. Despite DK being welcomed back to the island, the issue still remains somewhat unresolved. DK's innocence is never proven and none of the Kongs even apologize to him for accusing him of things that he didn't do. Diddy even has the nerve to say that DK's statement about the second banana is what got him into trouble in the first place when it was really just him and the other Kongs on the island being gullible idiots. It really feels like the only reason they welcomed him back to the island is that they know that they would be in trouble without him and not because they sincerely care about him.
  9. Cranky, Diddy, but specially Funky and Dixie never get punished for how they acted towards DK.
  10. It's like Nadine van der Velde hated Donkey Kong and wanted everyone to know.
  11. This episode also tries to make us sympathize with the other kongs since they weren't aware that DK was being framed but the thing is, even if DK did do all these things to them, his punishment is still too harsh.
  12. The dialogue was very bad in this episode such as Diddy Kong saying that DK was his Bosom Buddy, when DK said “I’ll walk the rest of the way with my buddy Dix”, DK's line "Oh no! Funky's soulmate!" and when Diddy Kong referred to himself as DON JUAN.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Donkey Kong is likable as usual, as well as sympathetic in this episode.
  2. All the characters (except Funky and Dixie) admit that Kongo Bongo would be in danger without DK.
  3. The song, Nobody's Hero, is very sad and/or emotional song.
  4. At least Cranky Kong regretted himself for banishing Donkey Kong in the White Mountains
  5. The ending involves Donkey Kong becoming Future ruler again.
  6. Out of all the characters' accusations against DK, Dixie's is the one that makes the most sense.
  7. It does show a reminder that even the wisest can be in the errors.
  8. Bluster Kong is (at least) the only Kong to not get mad at Donkey Kong.



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