Kicking It from Here to Tomorrow! (Pokemon Journeys)

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This episode is a real kicker alright, to a bad episode.

Kicking It from Here to Tomorrow! is an episode from Pokémon Journeys: The Series. it is the fifth episode of the second arc and is overall the seventeenth episode of Pokémon Journeys.


After Darmanitan taunts Scorbunny in a practice battle, Scorbunny is determined to learn the Ember attack, but getting Goh's attention is a challenge.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's literally a 21-minute long Scorbunny torture episode, and pretty much Pokémon Journeys at it's worst due to the episode's really negative tone compared to the rest of the episodes.
  2. Darmanitan is very unlikable as he picks on Scorbunny due to him not knowing a Fire-type move.
  3. Goh is completely unlikable in this episode and his personality is completely at his worst. He won't allow Scorbunny to use Ember and is so caught up on trying to find other Pokémon that he doesn't even pay attention to him and even puts Scorbunny down for trying.
  4. Poor and obviously slow pacing.
  5. Very bland filler, one such example is The Team Rocket segment, where in the whole scene, they barely do anything.
  6. Plot-Hole: Scorbunny is having trouble using Ember and apparently can't use it, even though in the games, Scorbunny IS capable of using Ember with no issues.
  7. The idea of Scorbunny evolving feels very forced, as he literally has no reason to evolve in this episode just to learn one simple attack.
  8. Darmanitan never gets punished for him picking on Scorbunny and for causing this whole episode to even happen in the first place.
  9. Near the end of the episode, while Goh does help Scorbunny learn Ember, he never apologized to Scorbunny for how he acted before he evolved into a Raboot.
  10. The ending is very sub-par, as the newly-evolved Raboot just walks by Goh.
    • To be fair, the ending makes sense because Goh has took his then-Scorbunny for granted.

Good Qualities

  1. This may not excuse this episode, but without this episode, Scorbunny would not have evolved.
  2. The way that Scorbunny learns Ember is pretty clever.
  3. There are a few funny moments, like Ash and Goh's expressions when seeing Scorbunny attempt to use the Ember move.
  4. Chewtle makes a reappearance since its appearance in episode "The Climb to Be the Very Best!".
  5. The shocked expression that Scorbunny makes is really funny.
  6. Spot on voice acting and animation as usual.


Just like what Good Qualities #5 said.