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Kennedy Cartoons

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Kennedy Cartoons
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"Everyone do the Kennedy Kick Dance!"
Industry: Animation
Founded: 1989
Defunct: 1997
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people: Glen Kennedy

Kennedy Cartoons was an animation studio based in Toronto, Canada founded in 1989 and led by Glen Kennedy, who formerly worked as an animation supervisor for Hanna-Barbera and Filmation during the 1980s. It went defunct in 1997.

Bad Qualities

Note: Please don't change the headings to "Why It Sucked" and "Redeeming Qualities", as there are some people who enjoy the studio's animation.

  1. Their repetitive "Kennedy Kick Dance" was very notable in their shows they worked for like Tiny Toon Adventures, Goof Troop and Darkwing Duck are examples of this.
  2. Their animation and characters designs were inconsistent and all over the place.
  3. The studio had a tendency to the characters animated by them declaring their fingers when they speak, to the point as if they were giving an announcement rather than having a normal conversation.
  4. They animated characters as bouncy and stretchy, mouths that were frequently in the "o" position, shuffling feet, stretching them to ridiculous lengths, and doing the same repeated gags (the Kennedy Kick Dance and declaring their fingers, as mentioned before)
  5. Their animation was very off-model, mainly in Tiny Toons, causing them to be fired from Warner Bros. after the first season.
  6. The reason why this studio was made was all because he got jealous of Fil-Cartoons.
  7. Speaking of Glen Kennedy himself, he threatened Tom Ruegger to kill him.

Good Qualities

  1. Although their animation, especially in Tiny Toon Adventures, are inconsistent, they can be fluid at best ironically.
  2. Jin Kim's (who would later work at Disney) work at Aladdin helped him to improve his animation skills.
  3. There are some great animators such as Jon McClenahan (who would later be found StarToons), some good animators such as John Williamson and Jin Kim, and decent animators, such as Glen Kennedy himself.


Due to Warner Bros. being dissatisfied with Kennedy's animation work in the first season of Tiny Toon Adventures and the death threats that Glen Kennedy sent to executives such as Tom Ruegger, they were eventually fired after that said season.


  • The Kennedy Kick Dance was referenced in the ending of the episode "Let's Watch the Pilot" of the first season of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.


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