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Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (SpongeBob SquarePants)
And people question why they don't know how to save our planet...
Series: SpongeBob SquarePants
Part of Season: 7
Episode Number: 131a
Air Date: January 2, 2010
Writer: Luke Brookshier
Nate Cash
Dani Michaeli
Previous episode: Model Sponge
Next episode: A Pal for Gary

”Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful” is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven.


Squidward gets caught littering and is sentenced to community service.

Why It Actually Keeps Bikini Bottom FROM Being Beautiful

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room, this episode is notorious for having some of the most unfunny gross-out humor in the series, much like “The Splinter” from season six. In addition, the pacing is dull and slow due to the number of drawn-out gags, as in most cases within seasons six through eight.
  2. The name of the episode contradicts itself. It’s named "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful", yet the episode does the exact opposite.
  3. This episode follows some of the more pointlessly unnecessary and repetitive running gags of Officer John, one of the Bikini Bottom policemen, giving Squidward tickets for no discernible reason without giving him at least a bit of time to explain the situation or even giving him a break in general. He sentenced Squidward to community service just for one reason: tossing gum on the ground (which wasn’t Squidward’s gum by the way), and that’s it.
    • In fact, there's this one very infamous scene where it looks like Officer John was about to give Squidward a ticket for no reason.
  4. SpongeBob places Squidward’s trash literally underneath Squidward’s house, making the trash form a replica, causing Officer John to accuse Squidward of littering and give him more tickets over and over again. SpongeBob’s only explanation is that the dump is closed, making the climax of the episode feel very contrived.
  5. Excessive amounts of cringe-inducing and disgusting scenes, such as:
    • Squidward bathing, eating, and drinking garbage, all at the aforementioned replica without noticing a thing until it was convenient on the writers’ part.
    • SpongeBob absorbs the garbage onto his body whilst talking with his mouth full of garbage, the garbage coming out of his mouth.
    • SpongeBob making a statue of Squidward made of the aforementioned garbage.
  6. Squilliam, despite being the main antagonist of the episode, only has two scenes and is used as a plot device to torture Squidward even more.
  7. Mediocre ending: Officer John gives both Squidward and SpongeBob tickets, even though he should have only given SpongeBob tickets for reasons mentioned earlier. Yes, Squidward was with SpongeBob, but that doesn't help the fact that Officer John just sucks at his job and is still biased and annoying.
    • In fact, Officer John never gets any repercussions for his actions.
  8. Unlike most of the bad Squidward torture episodes, this is one of those episodes that Squidward suffers for little too clearly no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Squilliam’s statue (before it got melted by the stench of Squidward’s trash-filled statue) is decent looking, and Squidward's trash house is very funny looking. (depending on your view)
  2. Funny lines such as: "Of all the garbage that comes out of your mouth, this is the least annoying." and "Is it trash day? I thought it was Tuesday!"
  3. The "Cha Cha Del Sol" soundtrack heard, in the beginning, is very amazing and distinctively catchy.
  4. The episode is intended to teach viewers about recycling.
  5. At least Squilliam got his comeuppance at the end for being a jerk to Squidward when he gets tickets from Officer John for thinking that his statue was rotten.
  6. At least SpongeBob was trying to help Squidward.
  7. While Officer John is useless annoying, the Running Gag of Officer John ticketing Squidward whenever he unintentionally litters is very funny. (depending on your view)
    1. On that note, Officer John is only seen in this episode, and is never seen again.


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