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Kate Ashby Series

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Kate Ashby Series
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What happens when you combine a plot with a bad signer, copy South Park and use "animation" that gives 12 oz. Mouse a run for its money? You get this abomination.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 5-10 Minutes (Depends on the episode)
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 2006 - 2012 (Kate Ashby)
2009 (Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures)
2014 - 2015 (Little Kate Ashby)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Jack Deakin
Distributed by: YouTube
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 40 (Kate Ashby)
16 (Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures)
15 (Little Kate Ashby)

The Kate Ashby Series is a British "animated" internet series created by Jack Deakin, who writes the episodes and makes the "animation". It aired from 2006 to 2012. During its airing, two spin-offs known as Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures and Little Kate Ashby later aired.

The franchise as a whole lasted from 2006 to 2015, with 2 short final Christmas specials released in December 2016. After that, the series took a hiatus for 4 years, and in December 2020, a Christmas special and the entirety of Little Kate Ashby and Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures aired.


Kate Ashby

The series is about Kate Ashby who is a bad singer that lives in the city of Perry. She often gets into trouble for being naughty and ends up being treated like a child by her strict husband Nick Ashby. 2 spin-offs were made as shown.

Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures

The first spin-off series of Kate Ashby was this, and it started airing on October 8, 2009. It is about Nick Ashby, the husband Of Kate Ashby, who has become the hero of his lawful adventures around the City of Perry when he got sent to jail.

Little Kate Ashby

The third (and hopefully final) spin-off series of Kate Ashby was based on the GoAnimate/Vyond Grounded Video formula. It takes place in the time when Kate Ashby was a little child named Kate Smith before getting married to Nick Ashby after 25 years in prison who always misbehaves, acts like a spoiled brat, and says nasty words to her family with her mental problems, and gets grounded by them.

Why It (Intentionally?) Should be Beaten Up


  1. The "animation" is very poor to say the least since it was all drawn in Microsoft Paint and edited in Windows Movie Maker just like Greeny Phatom. Even 12 oz. Mouse had more production value since it had a bit more animation such as tweening and lip syncing.
  2. The character designs are very lackluster. It is also very noticeable that they attempt South Park's character designs at times especially with their mouths. Sometimes the creator uses pictures of characters like ones from 3DMM (Microsoft 3D Movie Maker), another crude animation attempt.
  3. Speaking of South Park, it attempts way too hard to use crude and shock humor similar to South Park but only falls so flat.
  4. The overuse of stock sound effects and voice samples from other media is sort of common.
  5. It is very famous on the internet that there are people who do skits and parodies in Vyond.
  6. Most of the time the music is from 3DMM and rarely any other music track. It’s more so common that it’s considered overusing it.
  7. Most of the voice acting is just inconsistent speech synthesis voices and all it is can just be considered indolent, or to put simply, a lazy way of voice acting in all terms of quality.
    • Older episodes of Kate Ashby originally had voice acting at one point, but it still had to be replaced.
  8. Most of the intros are poorly done and sometimes a bit boring. We’ll list the three:
    • Kate Ashby's intro is just the title of the show and then the episode name. Later episodes have added logo intros in which many of which vary in quality.
    • Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures has Nick Ashby walking around the left and right sides of the screen. When he is close enough he points a gun to the screen and shoots it. After that, the title of the show appears.
    • Little Kate Ashby's starts with Kate Ashby walking to a table, looking down and seeing a memory book. The final part just consists of the title.
  9. Kate Ashby, the titular character, is half an awful human being but half a Butt-Monkey who is constantly abused.

Kate Ashby

  1. The plot is the same recycled type for a lot of the episodes. Kate Ashby does something wrong, sings, gets beaten up by the townspeople and finally gets blown up.
  2. The animation is mostly recycled. Some examples include the explosions and Kate's mouth getting punched and stepped on by people.
  3. The characters act incredibly unnaturally cruel towards Kate Ashby even when she does nothing wrong and does something that a simple apology could do. in "Kate Ashby Goes To McDonald's", Kate throws a McDonald's fry container that accidentally hits a child. Then just because of it she is brutally beaten up and killed in Mario.
  4. Out of all of the shows it probably wants to copy South Park's humor the most, even having the "They killed Kenny!" jokes.
  5. It even had crossovers with other shows even though most of them are fan-made.
  6. It promotes violence and the mistreatment of women since all the episodes are pure mistreatment of the female protagonist.
  7. There is an episode titled "Kate Ashby Goes To Toonsville" where Kate visits a city with characters from popular culture mainly from sitcoms and video games. The aforementioned episode sort of ruins the image of famous sitcoms like The Simpsons, Mr. Bean, South Park, etc.
    1. Other crossover episodes include "Kate Ashby Meets The Simpsons" and "Kate Ashby Enters The Happy Tree Garden" (an episode that includes Happy Tree Friends in it).
    2. In fact, Jack even used the characters from the aforementioned shows probably without any permission.
  8. They even used famous songs like "This Love" by Maroon 5.
  9. There is also an episode where it is a word-on-word copy of The Simpsons episode called "Bart the Fink".
  10. In the episode Kate Ashby Ruins the Birthday Party, a character named Karen decapitated the titular character yet people congratulate her. Shouldn't she get arrested or fired for murder?
  11. In one of the worst episodes ("Kate Ashby Meets Mr. Wagg") Kate meets a man named Mr. Wagg. After singing a bit Wagg and Kate both fight out the window, chops off her eyes, smashes her mouth and ends up shooting herǃ This is way too far just for some bad singing. There's also a picture of the assault that looks very questionable out of context. Thankfully, he did get his comeuppance when the police came and arrested him.
  12. In the final episode "Kate Ashby Divorces from Nick Ashby" after Kate leaves him, Nick with his super bad crying ends up committing suicide. Then, Kate moves to "Catsville", marries someone else, has kids and the episode ends with "And they lived happily ever after...for now". The series ends it off from there making it a cliffhanger.

Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures

  1. It didn't even last long as it only had 16 episodes.
  2. The intro might be improved but is still awful.
  3. There is an episode where Nick Ashby eats his daughter over her singing Kate Ashby's song after eating fast food Yes, this happens. This is child abuse and cannibalism.
  4. And speaking of episodes where they show child abuse, there are other episodes where Nick Ashby kills a child just for making a transfer to school. Is it funny to see an adult killing a child just for transferring? No, no it's not.
  5. Almost every episode is where Nick Ashby kills many people, and I ask again, how is that funny?
  6. Even despite being the hero of the series, Nick Ashby (although in fact, the only thing he does is kill people) goes to hell when he dies!
  7. Although it has "Lawful" in the title, in almost all episodes Nick Ashby does very illegal things because he is a policeman like killing children (As mentioned in reasons 4 and 5). And for some reason the people assault him although a real police officer does not kill young children.
  8. Nick Ashby gets triggered too easily as if he sees a crime, or if something's gone wrong he gets angry and turns evil just like Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, except he doesn't have any of the charm or reasoning behind it (As Flippy was a soldier).
  9. Overall, it was a stupid and awful spin-off that had no major impact on the franchise which is most likely why it didn't even last a year.

Little Kate Ashby

  1. The series plot is similar to a grounded video from GoAnimate/Vyond, with Kate misbehaving and getting grounded.
    • In fact, the series was made during the popularity of these kinds of videos in 2014 which further explains the Vyond parts of it.
  2. Basically every episode is the same formula: Little Kate Ashby misbehaves and ends up getting grounded due to it. Ae mentioned this earlier, but still.
  3. Kate Ashby's parents are very unlikeable. They ground Kate for a very long time and only constantly abuse her in unfair ways. In some episodes, Kate even gets spanked by her mom or dad.
  4. Kate Ashby half of the time isn't even in the wrong place, and she often just acts like an immature bratty kid which most kids will act like in their early years. It's because of her parents' unfair punishments that she often ends up doing awful things. But in worse scenarios, her parents may for once be in the right place, making her an immature loud obnoxious child who commits crimes.
  5. The title is incorrect because as said, before marrying Nick Ashby, Kate Ashby was named Kate Smith, so the title should be something like "Little Kate Smith".
  6. While the animation is improved (Due to the use of Sony Vegas), some of the editing is mediocre.
  7. There are unnecessary references to "The Ren And Stimpy Show", such as when Kate and Lucy watch it on the TV.
  8. The first episode, "Little Kate Ashby Misbehaves At Austin Burger" only began the show on an awful note as the plot is only a rehash of the “fuck me” joke in the infamous HumancentiPad episode from South Park.
  9. In "Little Kate Ashby Breaks The Vase", it shows even more bad treatment from Kate's parents and her sister Lucy, as Kate accidentally breaks a vase, Lucy tells on her, and unlike what a caring mom would do and only make the child have a fair punishment since it was an accident, her mom just instantly grounds her for 2 monthsǃ What an uncaring mother!
  10. In "Little Kate Ashby Misbehaves In The Classroom", Kate is actually at her worst depiction. In this episode she sings in class, swears at a student, asks the teacher to suck her "balls" (Yes, South Park copying again.), shoots a teacher, and drives away, landing in jailǃ
  11. "Little Kate Ashby Goes To Jail" ended the show on an atrocious note as Kate's parents and sister punch her, with Nick smiling. Then, her parents put her on a dynamite, causing her to explode out the window and drown.
  12. Overall, due to being the final Kate Ashby show, it ended the franchise on an awful and mean-spirited note. And whilst 2 specials were made afterward, no more episodes about Kate Ashby have been produced.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. The premise of each of the shows (excluding Little Kate Ashby) is interesting, but it was executed awfully.
  2. Some episodes have decent plots but are executed awfully.
  3. The show can be unintentionally funny.
  4. It could be possible this was intended to be bad.

Kate Ashby

  1. Sometimes the humor may be decent, even though it most likely won't make you laugh.

Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures

  1. At least Kate isn't in the series to see her get brutally abused, although she does appear at the end to tell Arron that Nick Ashby was a bad person. Resulting in Arron trying to arrest Nick Ashby.

Little Kate Ashby

  1. As mentioned, the animation, despite still being hideous, is improved, due to the use of Sony Vegas.


The Kate Ashby series received mixed to negative reception from people, due to... Well, the obvious. Despite all the obvious hatred and disgust of this series somehow LOTS of Vyonders (GoAnimators) love this series especially Little Kate Ashby. As a result, a lot of Kate Ashby Vyond videos have been made. And somehow the franchise lasted about 9 years.