Kamen Rider Agito

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Kamen Rider Agito
Agito Poster.png
Ready To Go Count Zero, Literally
Genre: Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Science fiction
Action drama
Supernatural fiction
Running Time: 23–25 minutes (per episode)
Country: Japan
Release Date: January 28, 2001 - January 27, 2002
Network(s): TV Asahi
Created by: Toei Company
Ishimori Productions
Starring: Toshiki Kashu
Jun Kaname
Yūsuke Tomoi
Rina Akiyama
Takanori Kikuchi
Rei Haneo
Episodes: 51
Previous show: Kamen Rider Kuuga
Next show: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Agito (仮面ライダーアギト Kamen Raidā Agito, Masked Rider ΑGITΩ), is the eleventh installment in the popular Kamen Rider tokusatsu franchise. The series represented the 30th Anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series. The series was also a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei and was shown on TV Asahi from January 28, 2001, to January 27, 2002. The catchphrase for the series is "Awaken the soul" (目覚めろ、その魂 Mezamero, sono tamashii).

Bad Qualities

  1. Possibly some of the least likable characters in the franchise's history (at least, before Faiz, Kiva, Decade, Wizard, and Ghost), with Shoichi Tsugami's arrogant attitude making him almost as bad.
  2. The story feels like it doesn't exist.
  3. Pointless sequel to the great show Kamen Rider Kuuga.
  4. The acting is horrible.
  5. It tried hard to celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Kamen Rider but failed miserably.
  6. Poorly written with some episodes.
  7. The finale was underwhelming.

Good Qualities

  1. There are some likable characters such as Makoto Hikawa/Kamen Rider G3, Ryo Ashihara/Kamen Rider Gills, and Toru Hojo.
  2. The next season, Kamen Rider Ryuki will become a massive improvement.
  3. The Humor is decent at it's best.
  4. Their movie itself, Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4 was more tolerable to watch than this season.
  5. Some fans may enjoy this show despite its flaws.
  6. It's not as bad as both anniversary seasons.
  7. Unlike Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, it celebrated the 30th anniversary in the correct year. (Being 2001 rather than 2002)




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