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This LoliRock rip-off deserves to join the clan of horrible shows at M6.
Genre: Music
Running Time: 13 minutes
Country: France
Belgium (Flanders)
Release Date: November 2, 2015
Network(s): M6
Distributed by: Studio 100 Animation
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52

K3 (Flemish: De avonturen van K3) is a Franco-Belgian 2D animated television series produced by Studio 100 Animation.

The series is inspired by the female music group of the same name, formed in 1998. The members of the group are of Belgian and Dutch origin and are very popular with the Flemish public. In 2015, the three singers left the group and gave way to three new singers. In 2010, Studio 100 acquired the rights and developed a series of 2D cartoons, for French television, around the world of K33s. The series has been broadcast on M6 Kid since November 2, 2015; it consists of a season of 13 episodes of 13 minutes. K3 refers to the name of the three singers of the group: Karen, Kristel, and Kathleen. In 2009 Kathleen was replaced by Josje. In 2015, the group was completely replaced by Hanne, Marthe, and Klaasje. The names of the singers have been changed for the series: Kim (Hanne), Kate (Marthe), and Kylie (Klaasje).


Adored pop stars, Kate, Kim, and Kylie are embarking on a major world tour. Throughout their world tour, the K3s will experience adventures, each crazier than the other, training their driver and bodyguard, X. The K3s nevertheless have strong characters and always triumph thanks to contagious enthusiasm. and an eye-catching tube!

Why This Show Hurts Your Ears

  1. To bring the elephant out of the room: This show is nothing more than an advertisement for a completely forgotten pop band.
  2. It's a rip-off from LoliRock, another much better French show because it uses the scenario of a trio of girls making music.
  3. Poor flash animation with bland and forgettable graphic style.
  4. In addition, the character design is reused. Just look at the trio it's the same characters but with different haircuts.
    • Heck, this is evident with supporting and episodic characters being recycled as incidentals. Take for example, Masako, an Asian princess from episode Pop Princess! who is out of blue working in a bar in Karate K3.
  5. Speaking of characters, most of them are very cliché and stereotypical, with little to no personality:
    • Dwayne and DeeDee (cliché love-interests of K3)
    • Bob (stereotypical douche who's in love with Kylie)
    • Franck Einstine (cliché mad scientist who just happens to be brother of Jean-Pierre Piquet)
    • Caroline Archer (stereotypical nosy reporter)
    • Varuamana (cliché shaman)
    • John Peter (cliché inventor)
    • Tetefano (cliché ecologist)
    • Mixed Tapes (goth-themed rival band of K3).
  6. The music is bland and forgettable, unlike other much better music shows.
    • The song repertoire used in the show is very limited, as for some reason, the only vocal songs played there are real-life K3 songs that were already made at the time the show was produced. This impacts plot in some episodes, such as in Pop Darkness, after K3 went goth, their new PR coach Milos forced the band to peform a supposedly depressing, melancholic song written by him. For some reason, we've never heard K3 performing the aforementioned song at all in this episode.
  7. Lazy, abysmal and horrible writing that is so formulaic to the point it bores the holy snot out of viewers.
    • While speaking of writing, it resulted in some characters having inconsistent traits. For example, while Pamela (one of the show's episodic characters) could differentiate real and fake K3 in K3 vs. K3, in Playing with Wax Dolls! she instead mistook the awakened K3 wax figures with the real deal.
  8. The series logo is just simple and generic and looks like it came out of photoshop.
  9. Quantity over Quality: Over one season, the show managed to crank out 52 quarter-hour episodes.
  10. Overall it's forgettable and similar to Tara Duncan (2010), Alvinnn !!! and the chipmunks, Les p'tits Diables, Les Sisters, Stargate Infinity, Le monde selon Kev and Baby Shark's Big Show! this cartoon gave a bad image to the M6 ​​Kid block.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The character designs are decent.
  2. Some interesting plots here and there.
  3. Some interesting quirks from certain characteres, such as the pirate ghosts who cannot go through anything of red color.


  • Even if it's very short, as with the majority of modern French cartoons, the key of the show's ending theme often changes depending on the song used at the end of each episode.
  • In Flemish Dutch dub, the girls share the same names as their (at the time) real-life counterparts.


K3 received negative reception and holds a 4.8/10 on IMDb.