Just a Guy (Sonic Boom)

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Just a Guy (Sonic Boom)
Just A Guy title card.png
Nice going, villagers! You made Sonic quit because of him calling someone "just a guy"!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 34
Air Date: May 19, 2015 (France)
July 21, 2015 (USA)
Writer: Alan Denton
Greg Hahn
Previous episode: Eggman The Auteur
Next episode: Two Good To Be True

Just a Guy is the thirty-fourth episode of the Sonic Boom. television series. It first aired on 20 May 2015 in France and on 22 July 2015 in the United States.


When Sonic refuses to let Mike, an average Joe, battle Eggman, the town goes against him for being insensitive.

Why It's Just A Bad Episode

  1. It's a 12 minute Sonic torture episode.
  2. Everybody in this episode is incredibly mean-spirited towards Sonic as he says a very harmless and non-offensive thing about Mike, but yet everybody treats Sonic like he's an insensitive jerk for no discernable reason.
  3. Not only does the whole village turn against Sonic, but even his own friends, too. Sure, they're not as hostile, but Amy still recommends Sonic professional help. Yowch.
  4. This episode states that if you call someone just "a guy" or everyone "people", and that you don't want anyone to participate in something dangerous that the person could possibly get hurt from, you're an insensitive jerk. 
  5. This episode also states that if there is someone with superpowers or if they are a hero, then they are automatically better than everyone else.
  6. Sonic is also forced to go through a sensitivity training just because he called someone a "guy", and yet the villagers get off scot-free when they do the same thing by calling Mike "a guy".
  7. Sticks is incredibly out-of-character in this episode, as she gasps when Sonic said that he called Mike "a guy" and the villagers "people", even though many episodes have established she is superstitious and believes in conspiracy theories.
  8. When Sonic finally allows Mike to participate in a battle against Dr. Eggman, Mike gets injured, but yet everybody blames Sonic for letting Mike participate, despite them being the ones who were giving him crap for not letting Mike participate, and soon they get angry at Sonic for calling them "people", making Sonic retire from being a hero as a result.
  9. The episode proves how ungrateful the villagers were towards Sonic's heroism.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the villagers apologize to Sonic at the end of the episode.
  2. A few funny moments, like Knuckles refusing the join the battle at the start of the episode, and the live-action cutaway from Sonic's happy thoughts.
  3. Hilarious ending where the Lightning Bolt Society is forced to go through the sensitivity training like Sonic did earlier.
  4. At one point, Sonic stands up to everyone in the sensitivity group and expresses how he feels about the whole situation.
    • "You know what I think is compassionate? Saving the village from Eggman! Like every week! But do I get any props for that?! NO! Everyone just goes around GASPING at me when I call a guy a guy, or people PEOPLE!! (everybody else gasps) "I QUIT HEROING!!! AND I QUIT THIS STUPID GROUP!!!!!"


  • This is Greg Hahn's favorite episode of the series.


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