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Just Like Mom and Dad

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Just Like Mom and Dad
Just Like Mom Pic 19.jpg
This is NOTHING like Mom and Dad.
Genre: Game show
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: January 7, 2018 -
April 17, 2019
Network(s): Yes TV (Canada)
BYU TV (United States)
Distributed by: Marblemedia
Starring: Sandy Jobin-Bevins
Kylee Evans
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 43
Previous show: Just Like Mom

Just Like Mom and Dad is a Canadian television show created by global media and production company Marblemedia. Based on the original 1980s hit game show Just Like Mom, Just Like Mom and Dad is produced in association with Yes TV in Canada and BYU TV in the United States. Just Like Mom and Dad, hosted by husband and wife duo Sandy Jobin-Bevans and Kylee Evans, is a primetime family game show that premiered in January 7, 2018.

Why It’s Not Just Like Mom or Dad

  1. Like the original game show that was disturbing to watch, because of the old host Fergie Olver being perverted with underage girls, even trying to kiss them(!), this new version is too cringy to watch.
  2. The format of this new version is unoriginal and is a carbon copy of the original game show, with either parent playing the game instead of being only just the mom, that kinda ruins the game show's title.
  3. The new hosts, Sandy Jobin-Bevins and Kylee Evans, while they're better than the controversial and infamous old host Fergie Olver of the original 1980s version of this game show comes from, they are really stiff.
  4. When the hosts are doing interviews to the participants, looks like very cringeworthy.
  5. The baking round is horrible, and the kids baking segment and the kids' parents eating their badly prepared food is gross.


In the game show's review for Game Show Garbage, Cyndi Seidelman gave the game show a "D" rating, due to being very cringy to watch and for also the new hosts being awkward.


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