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Jupiter on the Loose (Fireman Sam)

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Jupiter on the Loose (Fireman Sam)
Jupiter on the Loose.jpg
"'I want to drive Jupiter, put out a fire, go up on the ladder, everything!" -
Norman Price from Open Day
And three years later, his possibility was certainly happening (just not as you'd expect it) ...
Series: Fireman Sam
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: March 31, 2012
Writer: Laura Beaumont
Paul Larson
Previous episode: Water Tower Inferno
Next episode: The Big Chill

"Jupiter on the Loose" is the fifth episode in the eighth season of Fireman Sam.


Norman and Derek want to be firefighters, and to prove themselves right, end up driving Jupiter, but they can barely steer. It is up to Sam to save Jupiter from going into the sea.

Why Jupiter Was on the Loose

  1. Look back at Open Day. In that episode, Norman wanted to prove himself to be a firefighter. I mean, Norman did this twice before! The writers have rehashed this episode, but its dial is turned up here.
    • Norman wanting to drive Jupiter was foreshadowed three years before this episode, and when it happened here, we knew he'd commit a crime!
  2. Norman was even worse of a character than he already was in this episode. Not only did he commit underage driving without a license, but he even almost cost Derek and his own lives.
  3. Terrible Moral: Playing a video game helps you learn to become your dream aspiration. Unless it is a job relating to video games, it doesn't work that way in the real world!
  4. Even Elvis was unlikeable because he put his cottage pie on top of Jupiter, and before the episode ended, it broke and fell on the ground! His sheer stupidity got Norman and Derek in more trouble than before, making him an Idiot Houdini (as if he wasn't one already) and even a Karma Houdini.
  5. Jupiter on the Loose even promotes underaged driving, which Norman does in this episode. Hell, he doesn't even get arrested for it! And guess what. That makes Norman a Karma Houdini.
  6. Although Norman and Derek both get their comeuppance, it is Elvis' fault that he made their situation worse, as outlined in IODNSHWTDJNHMEWHGJOTL #4
  7. Plot Hole: When, why, how, and what caused Elvis' pie to fall off Jupiter and break? Derek closing the right-hand door of Jupiter couldn't have quickly done that!!
  8. Elvis complaining about his broken cottage pie shows how much of a baby he can sometimes be. You saved Norman and Derek's lives, and all you can think about is your pie being broken?! Pathetic!
  9. Horrible Ending: Because Derek "ruined" Elvis' pie (that Elvis ruined himself by his sheer stupidity), he and Norman now had to bake a cottage pie, much to their annoyance.
    • And what makes the ending even worse is that Derek had gotten tortured by Norman's antics. He should have gotten a firefighter's badge because Derek is shown to be nicer and smarter than his cousin, Norman, but the writers characterised him as a scapegoat instead.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sam, Derek, Station Officer Steele, Penny, Mandy, Dilys, James, and Sarah were the only likeable characters in this episode. Elvis was a likeable character in the first half of the episode but became unlikable after putting his cottage pie on top of Jupiter.
  2. Dilys had every right to be enraged at Norman for his actions. She and Trevor were the most shocked when they saw him driving Jupiter.
    • "Oh! Norman's driving a fire engine!"
  3. Sam reprimanding Norman about underage driving is executed very well, although the actual moral of the story wasn't done well in general.


Jupiter on the Loose currently holds a score of 4.6/10 on IMDb. You can read what one IMDb user has thought about this episode here:

Jupiter's juvenile joyriders!

This is one of those memorable (mildly terrible) Fireman Sam in CGI with Norman Price at his worst, again. From playing a video game, he and his cousin Derek up to the whole know-it-all experts about being firefighters. As they accompany the rest of the pioneers: Sarah, James and Mandy, I don't know if expected Hannah Sparkes as well, otherwise, some viewers question how Hannah got up the stairs in the fire station whilst her wheelchair. Sam and Penny show them like breathing apparatus and different fire extinguishers, there's more stuff like use stairs, and not the lifts, even evacuating a public building in event of a fire.

It was unfortunate PC Malcolm Williams, and Sergeant Ravani weren't in this episode; either one of them could've had Norman in trouble/juvenile centre for stealing and driving a public services vehicle throughout the town without a driving licence. Seems someone foolishly left keys in the ignition as to how Norman started up Jupiter's engine - it couldn't just roll downhill (like Sarah accidentally released the handbrake in nurse Helen's ambulance in the "Car Wash Chaos" episode). Norman and Derek get comeuppance in cooking another cottage pie after Elvis' first one is ruined (shouldn't have left it on top of Jupiter: in case Jupiter needed for an emergency and Sam, Penny and Steele are unaware) surprised how it stayed on Jupiter's roof throughout Norman's joyriding until it fell off when Derek closed driver's door.
- MarkLynnIreland1294 (an IMDb user)


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