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This is how to sleep in True Korea.

Juchekorea Stargeo is a North Korean children’s show that (obviously) aired exclusively in North Korea from 1977 to 2012.


A young boy falls asleep in school while doing math. He dreams that he will serve in the North Korean army and to help defeat the American army. He uses pens, protractors, pencils, and other school materials in his battle against the "evil" forces of capitalism. And obviously North Korea wins (Because they say they’re stronger than America, which America is stronger than North Korea).

Why It Sucks

  1. It is, obviously, yet another one of the propaganda shows that aired in North Korea in which portrayed the United States in very negative ways. Imagine your country being portrayed negatively the same way with the US.
  2. Weird animation styles (especially for the characters).
  3. The United States Marine Corps watercraft looks terrifying and horrific in this series.
  4. Awful voice acting.
  5. Abysmal writing.
  6. It's a message about going against other cultures than North Korea's culture is extremely unforgivable.
  7. The lip-syncing is very off when the characters' mouths do move.
  8. Horrid concept: This cartoon promotes children as soldiers.
  9. It has the same plot as most North Korean propaganda cartoons, North Korea fights the US, North Korea wins and the USA loses, and every American can get offended after watching this because of how racist and xenophobic it is to the USA, western countries, and even America's culture. People who are more level-headed will scoff at the utterly-unrealistic scenario depicting North Korea somehow defeating the United States, when it's a known fact that the North Korean military is laughably outdated (their equipment, such as guns, tanks, planes, and ships, are all either secondhand Chinese and Soviet equipment, or derived from them), and that, in a Second Korean War, they would have to rely on China to do most of the heavy fighting.
  10. Bland animation.
  11. The character designs look like they were stolen from a Fujio Fujiko Anime/Manga, like Doraemon and Ninja Hattori-kun.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It was never aired outside of North Korea like Squirrel and Hedgehog, due to it being banned outside of North Korea.





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North Korea should dissolve.

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