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Johnny Lock Down (Johnny Test, 2005)

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Johnny Lock Down is the second part of 65th episode and the 130th overall episode of Johnny Test

Johnny Lock Down
Johnny lockdown title card.png
Johnny: I'm not getting that bad episode, am I?
Mr. Teacherman: Uh, no!
Series: Johnny Test
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: Overall: 130 (65b)
Season: 25b
Air Date: November 22, 2010
Writer: Mark Fellows
Director: Larry Jacobs
Previous episode: Johnny Boat Racing
Next episode: Good Ol' Johnny Test


When Mr. Teacherman announced to the students about the Science Fair, Johnny forgot to bring one, so he has to find one in 4 hours before he is history.

Why It's A Total Lockdown

  1. This is a Johnny and Dukey torture episode as they want to use a man-eating plant for the science fair.
  2. Susan, Mary, and Hugh are unlikable characters as the former two restrain Johnny and Dukey from going inside their lab.
    • Hugh keeps pointing out that Johnny should at least come up with his own project when it seemed as if he didn't have much time for that since the science fair was going to start.
    • Lila is somewhat unlikable, until she helped Johnny to use the plant for the science fair.
  3. Bland and repetitive story, only in the middle of this episode.
  4. Bumper's nose fungus is rather disgusting to see. At least Mr. Teacherman gives him a C- because of that.
  5. Speaking of that, how did Bumper get a fungus on his nose?
  6. Plot Hole: When Mr. Teacherman said to the students that the Science fair is tonight, how come the scene is daytime.
  7. Some mean-spirited moments, such as Johnny stealing a man-eating plant because he wanted to use that for the science fair.
  8. Like Chimpsky-A-Go-Go, the flashback is also mean-spirited because Johnny and Dukey destroyed all of Susan and Mary's properties like they had a robot fight and Johnny pressing a button when the sign says "Don't touch, Johnny".
  9. The badger scene is the worst scene because Johnny and Dukey are getting attacked by them, in a very harsh way, which is the most disturbing part of this episode.
  10. Half-Bad Ending: As the man-eating plant cannot eat meat, because there are no steaks left, it attacks the students and Mr. Teacherman fails to get Johnny an A+.
    • Even worse, the man-eating plant wreaks havoc in Porkbelly while it gets huge.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Johnny, Dukey, and Lila are likable characters in this episode.
  2. Some good moments like Lila helping Johnny and Dukey to get the man-eating plant.
  3. The teleportation scene is also a good scene in this episode
  4. Half-Decent Ending: When the Test family teleported in Paris, Johnny asks the waiter to order pastry puffs and Dukey comments that he got such a cool, crazy family.


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