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Johnny Get Yer Gum (Johnny Test, 2005)

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Johnny Get Yer Gum is the second part of episode 48, second part of episode 9 of Season 4, and the 96th episode overall of Johnny Test

Johnny Get Yer Gum
Johnny gum title card.png
This episode really gets their gum when someone find out that they are chewing it.
Series: Johnny Test
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: Overall: 96 (48b)
Season: 9b
Air Date: US: February 11, 2010
December 10, 2009
Writer: Rick Groel
Director: Paul Riley
Previous episode: The Quantum of Johnny
Next episode: Old School Johnny


Wacko introduces a gum that blows like a balloon to children. Johnny and Dukey enter the lab to test Susan and Mary's gums.

Why It Gets Their Gum

  1. Misleading Title: Johnny is shown wearing a cowboy outfit, along with a Western background, in the title card, but none of that is seen in this episode.
    • The title card has an error, as the word "Johhny" has two H's, not N's.
  2. The premise of Wacko delivering Helio Bubble gums to children is very dangerous in real life, as they can kill them when they fall, especially when they are afraid of heights.
  3. Wacko is an unlikable character for delivering Helio bubblegum to children, as well as destroying Johnny using Bubble Blast gum.
  4. Hugh is also unlikeable in this episode as he wanted Johnny and Dukey to ban gum in the Test's house.
    • Even worse, he also warned not only them but also Susan and Mary from inventing science gum.
  5. The orange skinny gum and the blue fart gum are gross-out gum since the former can make people look fat and the latter farts like a jet.
  6. Some mean-spirited moments in this episode like Hugh warning Johnny not to use gum, twice, and the crash test dummy exploding after eating Bubble Blast.
  7. Bad Moral: This episode encourages people to escape punishments, instead of facing them, by using bubblegum, despite not happening in real life since bubblegum blow small bubbles.
  8. Half-Bad Ending: While Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary enter the Helio gum's bubble, Dukey tells Johnny that Hugh will ground him when the bubble popped.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary are likable characters in this episode.
  2. The gum testing scene and the scene where Johnny and Dukey save the children are decent scenes.
  3. Half-Decent Ending: Johnny, Dukey, Susan, and Mary enjoy the ride in the bubble while Hugh warns all of them that they are grounded.