Johnny's Royal Flush (Johnny Test)

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This episode sure went down the drain.

Johnny's Royal Flush is the 23rd episode of season 4 of Johnny Test.


Susan and Mary turn Johnny into a fish to see if dolphins understand immaturity, but he accidentally gets flushed by Hugh.

Why It Sucks

  1. The beginning really shows how much of jerks Susan and Mary have become, as they turn Johnny into a fish, just so they can see him get beat up by a dolphin after insulting him. Besides, why would anybody need to know if dolphins understand immaturity or trash talking? It's not that important.
  2. Misleading Title: Despite the title having the term "royal flush", nothing royal ever happens, nor does the episode come even remotely close to referencing the titular poker hand.
  3. This episode is basically an 11 Minute Torture episode fro Johnny.
  4. When Hugh Test thinks Johnny is a goldfish that Johnny bought and that has died, he doesn't bother to check if Johnny was still alive nor call for Johnny about the fish, proving that Hugh doesn't really care for Johnny that much anymore, nor does he truly understand his own neat-freak desires, despite saying otherwise for both.
    • Heck, he even admits he's doing it so Johnny doesn't notice, pretty much making him look like he's going to lie to Johnny about the fish, even if he really did get a fish.
  5. Unnecessary pop-culture references to Finding NemoGMW, The Sword in the Stone, and the fake "sewer alligator" urban legend.
  6. Johnny and Dukey's fish designs look pretty strange and lazy, as for Johnny, he looks more like a generic fish rather than a fish version of himself. As for Dukey, all they did was slap his face on a fish and changed the colors. That's it.
  7. The episode is unnecessarily dark, as Dukey has to save Johnny from being shredded to bits by a turbine!
  8. Too many jokes about people marveling at what careless people will flush down toilets.
    • On that note, most of the objects in Porkbelly's sewer system make no sense, such as a taxi or a chainsaw. Even though the writers have Dukey point out the oddities, this does not stop the plot from being nothing but a conglomeration of random events.
    • This might also count as toilet humor due to the amount of toilet references.
  9. The infamously disturbing and genocidal scene where the "evil" sewer alligator gets sucked into a turbine and is promptly ripped to shreds, which is followed up by an utterly awful and crude attempt at being funny by revealing that the pieces were actually alligator-skin bags! Of course, this can easily be interpreted as animal abuse.
  10. The plot is pretty much a rehash of the season 1 episode, "Deep Sea Johnny", as both are about Johnny and Dukey turning into fish.
    • The difference is that they are fish creatures in DSJ, while in JRF, they are just fish.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Dukey and the fish Johnny befriend are likable in this episode.


It was critically panned, The episode is considered by fans to be the worst episode of Johnny Test for out of character, Hugh, Susan and Mary acted. The misleading title and plenty of issues in the episode. It received a 3.9 rating on IMDb.



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