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Johnny's New Baby Sisters (Johnny Test, 2005)

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Johnny's New Baby Sisters (Johnny Test, 2005)
Johnny's New Baby Sisters.png
What a horrible way to treat your "new baby girls" in this episode.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: October 19, 2009
Previous episode: Johnny X: The Final Ending (Season 3)
Next episode: Porta Johnny

Johnny's New Baby Sisters is the 1st episode of Season 4 of Johnny Test and it aired on October 19, 2009.


Susan and Mary turn themselves into twin babies while their parents were out so Gil who started his own babysitting service could take care of them. However, because Gil is so irresponsible, Johnny winds up having to take care of baby Susan and Mary himself with some help from Dukey.

Why It Does Not Take Care of the "New Baby Girls"

  1. While the series went downhill a bit when Cookie Jar overtook the production of the show by season 2, this episode actually started the downfall of the series and it didn't recover since. It also started season 4 on a rather poor note.
  2. Susan & Mary's scheme to be with Gil is just disturbing and nonsensical, as in real life, no one would fall in love with a baby, because that would be pedophilia.
  3. Gil is terrible at babysitting Susan and Mary. He lets them play with plastic bags, feeds them spicy chili, refuses to change their diapers, and watches an action movie with them.
  4. It's a Johnny and Dukey torture episode, as they go through a lot of trouble and dangerous acts just to keep Susan and Mary safe, and Susan and Mary refuse to give Johnny and Dukey the correct code until they are done being with Gil.
  5. The switch to Atomic Cartoons' Flash animation.
    • Speaking of the animation, it's now pretty cheap-looking and isn't nice looking as season 1 or even Seasons 2 and 3.
  6. Susan & Mary are extremely annoying and unlikable in the episode because they won't let Johnny and Dukey turn them back to normal until 4:55 (then later, early when Susan and Mary tries to fix a new code using chili, which is "216"). Also, the way they are enforcing Johnny and Dukey not to turn them back to normal until near the end of the episode is pretty rude and uncalled for, as before they turned into babies, they wrote a note that says: "Johnny, we know you will try to change us but the code only works at 4:55. Now put us back in Gil's arms, dork or no lab favors-ever!", which is just rude!
  7. Unfunny toilet humor such as Susan barfing on Bling-Bling Boy.
  8. Near the end of the episode after Johnny and Dukey finally get Susan and Mary back to normal, while the girls do reward Johnny by given him homework that they finished, they never apologized for all the mess that they put Johnny and Dukey in in the first place, making it feel like them "rewarding" Johnny is just an excuse for Johnny and Dukey to not yell at them.
  9. Animation errors can be seen in this episode, such as when Hugh sits on the couch, it converts to being a mess again despite being clean before he sat on it and Bling Bling's necklace symbol turning green when he fell on the couch.
  10. Hypocrisy: When Hugh said that "No matter how bad the girly movie will be.", he gets traumatized when he saw that movie, proving that he lacks courage.
  11. This feels like a bit of a rehash of Season 2's episode "Johnny Vs. Bling-Bling 2" which recycled the concept of Eugene turning himself into a baby and tricks Susan into babysitting him by having one of his female robot minions ask permission from Hugh, just so he can spend time with Susan.
  12. The ending is sub-par at best, near the end of the episode, Gill explains to Mr. and Mrs. Test of what happen, which he said about "New Baby Girls" and while Susan and Mary do get yelled at, poor Johnny is also yelled at, even though he did nothing wrong.
  13. Misleading Title: Despite the episode's title name having "new baby sisters" in it, Johnny actually doesn't have new baby sisters, because it is actually Susan and Mary being turned into babies, and that's it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Bling-Bling Boy, Johnny & Dukey are likable here.
  2. The baby designs for Susan & Mary are passable.


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