Johnny's New Baby Sisters (Johnny Test)

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Johnny's New Baby Sisters (Johnny Test)
Johnny's New Baby Sisters.png
October 19, 2009: The date in which Johnny Test officially had Died.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: October 19, 2009
Previous episode: Johnny X: The Final Ending
Next episode: Porta Johnny

Johnny's New Baby Sisters is the 1st episode of Season 4 of Johnny Test.


Susan and Mary turn themselves into twin babies while their parents were out so Gil who started his own babysitting service could take care of them. However because Gil is so irresponsible Johnny winds up having to take care of baby Susan and Mary himself with some help from Dukey.

Why It Sucks

  1. Susan & Mary's scheme to be with Gil is just disturbing and nonsensical, as in real life, no one would fall in love with a baby, because that would be pedophilia.
  2. Gil is terrible at babysitting Susan and Mary.
  3. It's a Johnny and Dukey torture episode, as they go through a-lot of trouble and dangerous acts just to keep Susan & Mary safe, and Susan & Mary refuse to give Johnny & Dukey the correct code until they are done being with Gil.
  4. The switch to Atomic Cartoons' Flash animation.
    • Speaking of the animation, it's now pretty cheap-looking and isn't nice looking as season 1.
  5. Susan & Mary are extremely annoying in this episode because they won't let Johnny and Dukey turn them back to normal until 4:55. Also, the way they are enforcing Johnny and Dukey not to turn them back to normal until near the end of the episode is pretty rude and uncalled for, as before they turned into babies, they wrote a note that says: "Johnny, we know you will try to change us but the code only works at 4:55. Now put us back in Gil's arms, dork or no lab favors-ever!", rude!
  6. Unfunny toilet humor such as Susan barfing on Bling-Bling Boy.
  7. Near the end of the episode after Johnny and Dukey finally get Susan and Mary back to normal, while the girls do reword Johnny by given him homework that they finished, they never apologized for all the mess that they put Johnny and Dukey in in the first place, making it feel like them "rewording" Johnny is just an excuse for Johnny and Dukey to not yell at them.
  8. Animation errors can be seen in this episode, such as when Hugh sits on the couch, it converts to being a mess again despite being clean before he sat on it and Bling Bling's necklace symbol turning green when he fell on the couch.
  9. It started the downfall of the series.
  10. The ending is sub-par at best, near the end of the episode, Gill explains to Mr. and Mrs. Test of what happen, and while Susan and Mary do get yelled at, poor Johnny is also yelled at, even though he did nothing wrong.
  11. The title is kinda misleading, as Johnny does not actually get two new baby sisters (more specifically, two more kids to Johnny's family), Susan & Mary just turn into babies.
  12. This feels like a bit of a rehash of Season 2's episode "Johnny Vs. Bling-Bling 2" that had the concept of Eugene turning himself into a baby and tricks Susan into babysitting him by having one of his female robot minions ask permission from Hugh, just so he can spend time with Susan.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Bling-Bling Boy & Dukey are still enjoyable characters in this episode.
  2. The baby designs for Susan & Mary are passable.




7 months ago
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Hey guys, the my version of the ending that I think would work better.

After that scene were Mr. Test yells at Johnny, he says: Johnny, your grounded for a straight month!

Bling-bling: Oh dear….

As Mr. and Mrs. Test walks away and help out Susan and Merry clean up the area, Johnny and Dukey get very sad expressions on their faces, for which Gil says: Oh Johnny, I’m am very sorry that this happened.

Johnny: Well…’s not your fault, its mine for not doing well at hiding stuff.

Dukey: Ruff……

Gil: That’s not true, it’s your parents’ fault, after all……

We then cut to Mr. and Mrs. Test and Susan and Mary cleaning up as Gil says: Your mother was the one who called me to babysit you and your twin baby sisters.

After hearing that, both Mr. and Mrs. Test made a sudden halt and both Susan and Mary get very scared expressions on their faces. Mr. and Mrs. Test both turn and stare at Gil with very confused looks, for which he (as in Gil) took notice, gets a fairy confused look himself and says: What?

Mrs. Test: Uhhhhh……Gil, when at what time did I ever called you? And why would I call you to babysit our children, both of which can look after themselves?

Mr. Test: And most importantly….what twin baby sisters?

Gil: Well you did Mrs. Test, a few hours ago you called me to babysit your son and twin baby daughters.

Then Gil turns to Susan and Mary, points right at them as he says: In fact….Johnny’s little baby twin sisters look just like younger versions of Susan and Mary.

After that, Susan and Mary get very scared looking expressions on their faces, they look at each other for a split second and start sweating like crazy.

Then Gil takes a much closer glance as he says: You know actually…..they look very familiar, like I’ve seen them before.

Mr. Test gets a very suspicious look and he glares at the girls, he then says: You know……I don’t have much belief that the girls might have done something while me and my wife were out.

The girls quietly sigh with relief, for which Mr. Test pulls out a remote as he says: Which is why I installed cameras on the kids’ rooms, as well as Susan and Mary’s lab so that we can see what really happened.

Susan and Mary then get the realization and squeal: WHAT?!

Mr. Test clicks on the remote in front of a TV and it turns on, we then cut to the TV were it’s time is in the early morning before Mr. and Mrs. Test were about to leave, we first cut to Johnny’s room to see that Johnny and Dukey were sleeping on the bed, we then cut to Susan and Mary’s room to see that their not there, we then cut to Susan and Mary’s lab, the two girls were heading out to a machine smiling as Susan says: Oh man this is gona be awesome!

Mary: Yea, (Mary pulls out a weird suction like device as she says) using this device to imitate Mom’s voice to call Gil to babysit us while Mom and Dad are out was a fantastic idea! Gil could not even tell the difference.

Susan: I wish we could have thought of that plan sooner, now all we have to do is turn ourselves into babies and we will spend so much time with Gil!

We then cut back to the cast, as the cast watch, Mr. and Mrs. Test angry glare at Susan and Mary, both of which smile very nervously.

We then cut back to the TV, as Susan and Mary got in, Mary gets an evil look as she says to Susan: And the best part is, we gona make Johnny help us out so we can spend time with Gil, and threaten him of his Lab time should he try to turn us back to normal, and after Johnny turns us back to normal after we spend so much time with Gil, we gona (Mary makes a “quote” with a finger as she says) “reword” him so that Johnny can have no reason to yell at us, since we did his homework.

Susan then also gets an evil look as she says to Mary: You got that right! (But then Susan gets closer and whispers to Mary’s ear) Tho…..not that it matters much….cause he’s gona be the one to both get yelled at, and get grounded by our parents…while we get off golden, they’ll all think that Johnny was the one who “called Gil over to have a party”, so they won’t be able to know the difference!

Then as Susan and Mary activate the machine and as it starts, the girls yell out: This is the best plan ever!

The recording stops.

We then cut to the cast, Susan and Mary get very scared expressions as all of the cast (expect for Gil as he just stared at the TV) make angry glares at the girls, for which Susan weakly smiles and says: Uh…..he, he, he, he, he………don’t you hate it when cameras record lies??????

Gil was in shock, for which he says: What?!

He then turns to Susan and Mary as he says: Susan, Mary…….(he then points at them as he says with an angered expression)YOU guys were the ones that called me?!? And YOU guys were also Johnny’s twin baby sisters?!?!

Susan: Uhh well, well, well, we…uhhhhhhh………….!

Mrs. Test gets an angry expression as she looks at the girls and says: So it looks like we found the real frauds of this mess!

Mary: But we…….!

Mr. Test: You girls are in A LOT of trouble!

The girls both look at each out, then hang their heads in shame as they both say: Oh man!

Mr. Test looks at Johnny as he says: Well Johnny, I can’t believe I’m gona say this but….it looks like I’m gona take back what I said about you being grounded for a month.

Johnny gets a smile as he says: Oh wow! Thank you dad.

Mr. Test: Just don’t say that to your grandmother, she’s gona flip if she heard that I let you off the punishment.

Johnny: Well don’t worry, I won’t say much.

Tho after that, both Johnny and Dukey get very sad expressions on their face, for which Bling-bling says: Hey Johnny, what’s wrong?

Johnny: Well I’m glad that I’m ungrounded and all….but it’s not gona change the fact that my….(he looks at Dukey as says)well…….Me and Dukey’s Saturday has been ruined.

Gil: Oh Johnny, we didn’t mean to butt in so roughly.

Bling-bling scratch the back of his neck as he says: We’re all very sorry that we sort of “butchered” your Saturday, we all didn’t know it turned out this bad.

Johnny: Well that’s alright….after all, there’s always next time.

As Gil stares at Johnny’s sad face, he gets memories, when he was Johnny’s age, he too was gona enjoy an amazing Saturday while his mother and father were out, but his father said otherwise and forced him to watch his little brother, which wasted his whole day.

Gil starts thinking, he then gets an idea, he walks up to Mr. Test and whispers something in his ear, for which Mr. Test says: That sounds expensive….(tho he looks at Gil with smile as he says)but I like it.

Mr. Test then walks up to Johnny as he says with a smile: Actually, there won’t be a next time.

Johnny and Dukey get very confused looks as Johnny says: What do you mean by that?

Mr. Test: Because……I’m officer given you a day off on Monday.

Then both Johnny and Dukey get wide-eyed as Johnny says: Wait really???

Mr. Test: Yep.

Johnny was surprised, for which he says: Wow! Thanks!

Mrs. Test then walks up to Johnny as she say with a smile: And we’re gonna give you the best Saturday we can give you!

Johnny: I……I don’t know what to say, thank you all!

Mr. Test: Oh and don’t you worry, we’re gonna get some help, and I think I know two girls that can and WILL help out.

Mr. Test then looks at Susan and Mary as he gets a sly grin, Susan and Mary both look at each other as Susan says: Uh oh……

We then cut to the next day and see that the road in front of the Tests’ House is littery a giant amusement park, there are many rides and games.

We then cut to see that everyone is here, including Johnny and Dukey, they were all having a blast.

Dukey: Wow this day is the best!

Johnny: Yea, who the thought that Dad got Susan and Mary to use their worker robots to build us this amusing park!

Dukey: I have to say, the girls did quite a bit to make up for that incident.

Johnny: Now I was gona maybe get my revenge on the girls, but I think they made up for that mess they gave us.

Johnny then pulls out a large Microphone, looks up and yells into it: THANK YOU SUSAN AND MARY FOR THE BEST SATURDAY EVER!!!!!

We then cut to a hill-like area and see that Susan and Mary are in a cell box, with Susan says in a sad-like tone: No problem Johnny………

Susan: Oh man this is so expensive!

Mary: Yea, I can’t believe Dad forced us to use our worker robots just to build Johnny a park!

Susan: And the worst part is….WE can’t go in, cause we’re grounded, every Saturday and Sunday for the whole school year!

Mary: And the worst part is, Dad shut down our lab until we get ungrounded, so we can’t just rash his memories of what just happed!

Then Marry looks down as she sights with disbelief and says: And the plan was going so smoothly too.

Susan: Yea, who the thought that Dad would install cameras…in our lab non less?!

The girls then sight with disbelief, for which Mary says: Well….at least we’re stuck in this cell together.

Just then, we hear Bling-bling Boy as he says: Greetings girls!

Just then Susan and Mary turn to see that Bling-bling is walking to then as Susan says: Wait Bling-bling Boy?! What are YOU doing here?!?

Bling-bling: Oh, well you father just payed me 100 dollars if I was sent to this cell as well.

Susan and Mary get scared expressions, as Mary says in a weak tone: So wait……does that mean that your……..?

Bling-bling Boy gets a happy expression as he says: Yep! I’m gona be in this cell with you, and we’re gona spend the WHOLE year together!

Then Bling-bling pulls out some cards as he says: So um by the way...wana play cards?

Bling-bling gets a very sly grin, as Susan and Mary look at each other with sad expressions and both say in a very weak and sad tone: Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo………….

The camera then zooms out a little as Bling-bling Boy says: Come on, pick a card, any card!

We then cut back to Johnny and Dukey as Dukey says: I’m shore those three are gona get along just fine.

Johnny: You can say that again.

Then both Johnny and Dukey look at the camera, make a thumbs up and they both winked.

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That Was Good

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