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Jewel Saves Spot (We're Lalaloopsy)

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Jewel Saves Spot is episode 11A of We're Lalaloopsy.

Jewel Saves Spot
Jewel Saves Spot.png
Just because Storm E. missed an Art Show doesn't make her a bad friend.
Series: We're Lalaloopsy
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 11A
Air Date: January 10, 2017
Writer: Chara Campanella
Previous episode: Storm E. Gets Homesick
Next episode: Calm Before the Storm E.


Storm E. reassures a nervous Spot about her first art show but then lets her down.

Why It Shouldn't Be Saved

  1. It's nothing but a Storm E. torture episode.
  2. Misleading Title: The title says Jewel Saves Spot, but there isn't a scene where Jewel saves spot at all.
  3. A few characters are unlikable:
    • Jewel is extremely unlikable and is also out of character as she calls Storm E. a bad friend and says she's always been one, but she also doesn't even give Storm E. a chance to explain.
    • Forest is also unlikable for refusing to defend Storm E. and walking out on her.
    • Crumbs is also unlikable for kicking Storm E. out all because she missed the art show.
    • Spot is also unlikable for claiming Storm E. "didn't care".
  4. Horrible Morral: When ever a friend makes a mistake, just punish them.
  5. Storm E. apologizes, but nobody believes her.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Storm E. is likable in this episode, as she didn't mean to miss the art show.
    • Sunny, Berry, Rosy, and Dot are also likable characters.